How Do Progressive Jackpot Slots Work?

Jackpots of non GamStop casinos are the dream of all gamblers, even non-gamblers. What enhances this dream is that it does not require perseverance or long hours of work just bet on the game and if the winning symbol falls on your screen the prize will be yours – it’s that simple! Statistically speaking, however, things are completely different from this dream! Statistics tell us that being attacked by sharks has a greater chance of winning a progressive jackpot at Thegamepoint.

What Are Progressive Jackpot Games?

A progressive jackpot is an ascending jackpot. Every time someone plays, a small amount of the stake goes into that jackpot. That jackpot, therefore, increases continuously until a player wins that jackpot.

An online jackpot usually does not start at €0 or $0 but at a certain amount. Some online jackpots even start at $1,000,000. That amount comes from the previous jackpot and is usually not coughed up by the manufacturer or the online casinos.

Often a prize pot is shared by several slots (usually from the same manufacturer). These different slots that are connected to the same jackpot, then have the same chance for the player on that jackpot.

In many cases, slots with progressive jackpots are offered by various online casinos. You can then play for the same jackpot at different online casinos and you have the same chance everywhere.

How Grand Prize Can Be Triggered?

There are three ways to realize your million-dollar dream:

By Hitting (x) Number of Bonus Symbols

There are progressive jackpot slots that completely change your life as soon as you get a specific number of bonuses or jackpot symbols on the reels or a certain payline. In the latter case, think of Jackpot Giant (first payline) or Major Millions (fifteenth payline).

By Winning the Jackpot Round

Many of the best jackpot slots require you to trigger the jackpot round and then win it to achieve the luxury lifestyle dream. You often need to get the winning combination of bonus symbols to unlock the jackpot round, but sometimes the bonus can also be triggered completely randomly. And then it is often also important to emerge as the winner of the jackpot game.

By Total Randomness

On some jackpot slots, the progressive top prize is completely random. So you just have to be in the right place at the right time. A good example of this is the Dream Drop feature from Relax Gaming, known as Temple Tumble 2, among others, where the jackpot can just fall out of the sky

Note: With almost all jackpot casino slots, a higher bet improves your chances of winning the dream prize, but it is anything but a guarantee of success!

Are Jackpot Slots Safe?

Like all other slots in a legal online casino in the UK, progressive slots are checked before use and periodically by independent inspection bodies such as the NMi, eCOGRA and Gaming Labs International (GLI).

These ensure that all outcomes of the RNG are completely random and fair play is guaranteed.

At an online casino with a license from trustworthy online gaming regulators, you can look for a nice jackpot safely and without worries!

Is a Particular Casino Can Be Better Than Another If They Have The Same Jackpot Slot?

No, if an online jackpot is offered on several slots, then the probability that the jackpot will fall is the same for all those slots. It does not matter which one you play, with each slot you contribute the same amount to the jackpot and you have an equal chance of winning the jackpot.

An online jackpot is often available at various non GamStop casinos. Where the jackpot falls is not predetermined and is completely random. An online casino where thousands of players play a specific slot has a greater chance that the jackpot will fall there. An example:

  • Casino A has 1 player who continuously plays a slot machine with a certain jackpot.
  • Casino B has 99 players who continuously play a slot machine with a certain jackpot.

The chance that the jackpot will fall at Casino B is much greater than it falls at Casino A. But if you, as a player, have to choose which casino you want to play at, no one is better than the other!

Do non GamStop Casinos Really Pay Out Jackpots?

Yes, legit and licensed online casinos payout online jackpots. Huge amounts of money are involved in online jackpots, but the online casinos don’t keep that money themselves, they pay it out.

Casinos take a fixed percentage of each spin and the rest is paid out to players, including the jackpots.

When it comes to large amounts of money, many online casinos offer guidance to the winners of a large online jackpot. You will receive help and tips in dealing with this suddenly acquired wealth.

Before an online casino pays out a large amount, several checks are carried out. Online casinos want to make sure that there has been no cheating, that no fraud has been committed, and that the player was entitled to play. That is why online casinos require additional verification before proceeding to payout. If there is a dispute, the payment may take a while, but if everything is correct, it will simply be paid out.

When it comes to really large amounts, sometimes pictures are taken with the winners. A large check is then printed and an employee of the online casino hands it over.

Can I Play Jackpot Slots For Free?

Yes, you can play all casino games free of charge. However, you won’t hit the jackpot as online casinos host free versions of all their games to give players a chance to learn the rules and how to play but, of course, these games do not offer real winnings.

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