Top 7 Mobile Game Genres To Try In August 2023

If you are new to playing mobile games and want to try a few of them this month, this post is for you. There are many mobile gaming options in the different app stores; some even say too many, so much so that choosing the right title for you could become a chore.

Well, not anymore, as this article explores common mobile gaming genres popular right now, how they compare, popular gaming titles for each genre, and why any of the below listed might be the one for you. Enjoy!

Top 7 Mobile Game Genres To Try In August 2023

1. Action Games

It is perhaps the most popular gaming genre because it keeps gamers on their toes, rewarding quick reaction time and improving hand-eye coordination. The action game genre is so popular because it has several subgenres, including fighting games like the Mortal Kombat series, beat ’em up games like Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, and God of War, and platform games like Donkey Kong and the Super Mario Bros.

This popularity translates to a significant market share in the gaming industry. Shooter games were the most played subgenre in Q3 2022, with over 50% of gaming consumers having played at least one shooter game in all 12 months. The total revenue and number of downloads in the action games market reached $24.14 billion and 22.34 billion downloads in 2022.

2. Casino Games

Casino games are now widely available in both apps and mobile-friendly websites from the biggest online casinos. The best mobile gambling sites in 2023 allow players to stake real money to play all their favorite casino classics, including live dealer card games, exclusive slot machines, and roulette. These sites bring all the thrills of a land-based casino to your home and make for an even better gaming experience. It’s all thanks to the massive variety of games on offer (some have over 4000 slots!). You won’t find that many at your local casino.

As of 2020, it’s thought that there were approximately 2.7 billion mobile gambling users, who spent and average of 25 minutes on these games. In the same year, the US market alone was valued at a massive $20 billion. So, it’s certainly fair to rank casino games as one of the most popular mobile gaming genres around.

3. Adventure Games

Some would say these games are less gripping than their action genre counterpart, but they offer just as much fun as you walk through and enjoy the storyline. Games in this genre are driven by puzzle-solving gameplay, requiring the player to assume the role of a protagonist or hero on a quest. Sometimes called “quest games,” games in this genre can have elements of action depending on what hurdles the game developers have in store in the unraveling of the story.

The adventure genre is not as expansive as the action genre, but its stats are still pretty impressive. The total revenue in the adventure games market was $15.66 billion in 2022 and downloads totalled 12.78 billion in the same year.

4. Open World/Sandbox Games

This is one genre that has taken the most advantage of technological advancements in mobile phone and tablet technology. The improved computing powers make it easy for these devices to run open-world or sandbox games without any hitch. This genre, made popular by games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA), allows the player to explore the gaming environment in a nonlinear fashion. It means gamers can play the same game, make different choices and approaches, and ultimately enjoy unique experiences.

Rockstar Games, creator of Grand Theft Auto, have not only cracked the code but single-handedly showed how popular this genre is with the release of “Grand Theft Auto V.” A game that cost slightly more than a quarter of a billion dollars to make and has earned north of $7 billion to date.

5. Role Playing Games (RPG)

RPG, it’s in the name. It literally means mobile games that allow you to play as characters in a made-up time and setting. These games usually have the gamer level up some characteristics or traits as they advance in the gameplay. A common expression is users racking up experience points (XP) as they take out bad guys or solve quests, which they can use to customize their player skin, upgrade weapons, and further hunt for more XP. A popular RPG for mobile is Genshin Impact.

A “Legend of Zelda” style game, Genshin Impact brings the same intrigue we have come to expect from console games to mobile gaming. The graphics and gameplay promise great immersion and the game was reviewed by IGN who claimed the title is “one of the most exciting games played all year.”

6. Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are one of the most popular games on mobile. This is because they are relatively easier to build, do not take up much space on the device, and do not need too much consideration to download. They are the perfect go-to for players who do not need immersion and are not particularly interested in gaming with their time but would be okay with having something to do on their phone when in traffic or waiting in a queue.

There are many options to choose from, from Tetris, one of the most popular games in the world, exported to over 200 countries and selling hundreds of millions of copies, to a picture slide puzzle.

7. Sports Games

Needing no introduction, sports games are modeled after real-life sports, allowing gamers to play as their favorite sports stars and carry their teams to victory. Sports games stand out because they often feature a multiplayer capability, letting gamers test their skills with friends and other sports lovers worldwide. The following are some of the most popular sports games for mobile for you to consider.

  • The Ramp
  • Golf on Mars
  • Football Manager
  • 8-ball Pool
  • Virtual Tennis Challenge
  • Trail Boss BMX

Of course, none of these are as big as FIFA, which is also now available on mobile. It has over 100 million downloads, and the game allows players to build teams from more than 30 real-life soccer leagues.


When it comes to mobile gaming, you’re always going to be spoiled for choice. With an average of 2,000 apps added to the Google Play Store daily, you are much better with a guide.

Hopefully, the popular genres and best-selling titles from each that we have explored here will help you begin your gaming quest this month.

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