Android 10 is Available for a Few Nintendo Switch Users

XDA Developers have confirmed that the Switchroot staff has released the Android 10 update for some Nintendo Switch devices.

The Switchroot team had previously launched the Android system for Switch game consoles, and today the duo returns with the Android 10 update that provides more features for gaming device users.

The Android 10 update is available for some versions of the Switch. It allows users to complete the update installation process by running applications from the Google Play Store, such as games and streaming services such as Netflix and Twitch.

Latest update also supports the Joy-Con stick to work in Switch devices as an analog stick as an alternative to the eight-way D-pads. Furthermore, Switch users will also be able to enjoy a stable connection feature for Wi-Fi networks.

This update also comes mainly to support users to try Android games that are not intended for the gaming device, which can be played via the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and PSP emulation applications on the Google Play Store.

Users will also be able to access other games via Switch such as Genshin Impact or run applications such as Spotify, provided that the Android system is installed on an external microSD card, as the update is unofficially available for the gaming device.

According to the official statement, there will be an¬†unofficial ROM for the Nintendo Switch to be “faster, more responsive and has many new features over the previous release, including deep sleep and an Android TV build.” The unknown ROM will help the device receive¬†OTA updates and deep sleep to enhance the battery usage for weeks, revamped fan for silent gaming sessions, etc.

Unfortunately, the switches have some bugs that interrupt Shield games’ working, BT audio stuttering on some headphones, and all these keyboards don’t work with many controllers. Don’t know when all these issues will be resolved, but we suggest you wait until they release a patch to fix the errors.