Bhad Bhabie Won the Title of the Queen of OnlyFans App

The American rapper and songwriter Bhad Bhabie has earned more than $1 million through her OnlyFans handle, too, in just six hours and won the Queen of OnlyFans app title. Her monthly charges for accessing her photos and videos on her OnlyFans account are $23.99. She just turned 18 on March 26 and said that “From now on, I am gonna do whatever the fuck I want.”

Bhad Bhabie Earning On OnlyFans

This all came to light when, on late Thursday, when the teen rapper on her Instagram shared the total haul from OnlyFans. It shows that she earned $757,526.08 from her account subscriptions, $367,675 from her direct messages, and $5,502.35 from tips that her fans have given.

Bhad Bhabie Twitter Post

The rapper, in her tweet, said that” I am spending three hours every night, responding to the OnlyFans DMs. I am really doing it. I do not be sleeping anyways”.

OnlyFans App 

It is a content subscription service provider in London, England. Users post certain content, photos, or videos, and in return, their fans pay them to see that content. It also allows fans to have a chat with their favorites. Fans directly give funds and tips to whom they are following. It has a pay-per-view feature as well.

Previous Record Holder of OnlyFans App

Bella Thorne was the previous record holder and was hoarded with more than $1 million in her first 24 hours on the app. The influencer was then criticized by the sex workers, who completely rely on the income that comes from the OnlyFans. Later, Thorne apologized to this community’s people and said she would work with OnlyFans to rectify the situation.