Everything You Need to Know About Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 2

Kingdom Season 2: We are pretty much familiar with how much effort Netflix put into its seasons and documentaries. And we can consider the Lost Pirate Kingdom as the quintessential example of its amazing works. The series is packed with amazing themes such as Treasure, love, politics, brotherhood, and hurricanes. And all of these are more than enough to have fans hooked to the screens.

Lost Pirate Kingdom Witnessing the Golden Age of Piracy

Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 1 consisted of six episodes. And is based on the tale of real-life pirates from the Caribbean. These Caribbean’s have attacked the Spaniards because they wanted to develop a democratic republic in the Bahamas. After having a war with Spain, these brave pirates had nothing left on their side. The series also shows us how they still manage to establish an egalitarian society, which is considered a motivational factor in history, to move people.

It is a treat for the individuals who had enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the under-rated series of Black-Sails. All these series are a whole mood fantasizing the Golden Age of Piracy.

Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 1 Topped the Ranking Chart

The “Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 1” has topped the ranking chart and comes after Ginny and Georgia, and ahead of The One, Cocomelon, etc. The first season has left the viewers curious, and they are now demanding and waiting for the Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 2.


The show’s major leads were Benjamin Hornigold (Sam Callis) and Henry Jennings (Mark Gillis). Furthermore, the series showcases the notorious rivalry between these two pirates. Other cast includes Nathanjohn Carter as Lieutenant Maynard, Richard Dee-Roberts as Archibald Hamilton, Moneer Elmasseek as Thomas Barrow, Kevin Howarth as Woodes Rogers, Sinead MacInnes as Mary Hallet, Evan Milton as Samuel Bellamy, Tom Padley as Charles Vane, Mia Tomlinson as Anne Bonny, Jack Waldouck as Jack Rackham, and Lastly, George Watkins as James Bonny.

Is Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 2 Coming or Not?

Well, since Netflix has not said anything about the Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 2. But it has been in the headlines that it will make it to the renewal because it has topped the rank chart and is in high demand worldwide. 

Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 2 Release Date

The Lost Pirate Kingdom Season 1 was released on the 15th of March 2021. Thus, if we believe their show renewal habits, we must expect it to come out anywhere near March 2022. As it already has been approved by the authorities in charge.

Currently, Fans are requested to be a little patient, till any further news comes from the Netflix headquarters.

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