Merlin Season 6- Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and More

Wondering about the latest updates on Merlin Season 6, canceled or renewed? Here we got some information for you. 

Merlin is an adventurous fictional series, which is much-loved by the viewers. It is one of the best series, written by Jones, created by Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps, and produced by Shine Limited. This fantasy anime is rated 7.9 on IMDb with massive success. Always appreciated for cinematic visuals, the magical story is not about to revive with its season 6. The predictions for the renewal of Merlin Season 6 went down, after the ending of Season 5. The creators were asked questions about Season 6 renewal in an interview. It was hinted that Season 6 of Merlin might come, only if graphs of profit and fans’ popularity get increased but later BBC announced its concluding season, which anyway disheartened the audience. Let’s find the possibility of its renewal.

Release Date of Season 6

No doubt that demand for season 6 is not limited in any manner, yet we have no official announcement for its comeback. It is pretty sure that we will not be having its season 6 on-screen until the producers decide to move forward with the script. BBC announced in the official statement that the last episode of Season 5 would be considered as the Finale episode. The makers thanked the audience for the support and assured them to come with a good story not less than Merlin. The fans aren’t satisfied with the breathtaking finale and are expecting its continuation of the plot but this time hope is less…. fingers are crossed for the next season…..

The Cast

The leading characters that are admired throughout and converted the series in huge demands are

  • Colin Morgan as Merlin, a young sorcerer
  • Anthony Stewart Head as King Uther Pendragon
  • Bradley James as Arthur Pendragon
  • Angel Coulby as Gwen 
  • Katie McGrath as Morgana
  • Richard Wilson as Gaius
  • John Hurt as the voice of Great Dragon.

The Plot Of Season 6

As we know that story is not expected to continue, which already concluded with the last episode of season 5, we will not be getting the next installment to predict for, though we can revive our memories of this enthralling series.

Merlin Season 6
Merlin Season 6

Let’s have a recap of the story

The plotline basically focused on the legendary King Arthur and protagonist Merlin, a powerful and skillful sorcerer. Under the kingdom of Uther Pendragon, Merlin was banned for decades to practice his power. He was not allowed to use his magical powers instead asked to keep his powers unveiled, but he was destined to protect the prince of Camelot. Later, Arthur developed a unique and trustworthy bond with Merlin and appointed him as a personal servant. The epic family fantasy takes several twists and turns, depicting strong characters and adventures accompanied by hurdles. Season 5 concluded with a never-expected and dramatic climax. At the end of season 5, we have seen Authur realizing the fact that Merlin always tried to protect him, later he died in Merlin’s arms. If you have watched this series, surely you are willing to flow with the continuing story, but probably the creators have some other ideas in their mind.


As the makers already decided not to come back with the next season, No trailer of season 6 has been released. You can watch the previous seasons, if not watched. Not sure to give it a watch? Just have a look at the IMDb rating already specified. It’s a sure-shot series to stream on Netflix, consisting of 65 episodes.


Merlin has always been on our most-liked fictional series list. It improved year on year and enthralled us. The more we get into the depth, the more we want to know more about this exceptional piece. After the official announcement of not getting season 6, the audience’s excitement decreased across the globe. As of now, we only consider that season 6 has no chance of getting renewed. However, the constant activities on social media and increasing demand can surely force the network to revise the decision and come back with the continuing story.

If any updates come out, we will be happiest to share them with you- Till then, Stay Connected with us.

12 thoughts on “Merlin Season 6- Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and More”

    • Best series I’ve watched. I never watch series beginning to end cause I lose interest. But Merlins adventure was great I enjoyed every episode. Please come back with a season 6.

  1. Watching Merlin, has been the most fascinating viewing experience I’ve had since the original Star Trek series (I am now 68 years old), and never watch TV, except for an hour or so of News daily.

  2. This needs to gave a season 6. This was one of the best series we have seen. Hoping for them to continue the story ! Excellent acting !

  3. we are a big fan of merlin and to us and cross the nation would be a big success if no 6 series did come on the scene or made in a one big film

  4. My baby wants merlin back !!!! If my baby dont get merlin back I dont get popcorn at night anymore!!! So my baby better get merlin back damn it!!!!! Thank you!!

  5. Im Waiting for season 6 for 10 Years and i cant wait to hear one day it was released , the last episoade from las season gives everyone the impression that there is a continuous story , waiting for King Arthur rise again . So dear producers if you se this , please carry on with season 6 ! The best serial I ever seen MERLÍN

  6. It’s been greatful enjoying Merlin season,,,i hope all viewers are thirsty to watch to hear that Merlin season 6 has been renewed and everyone will be extremely excited to watch this amazing series continuation.


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