All American Season 4: Release date, Expected Plot, Cast, Trailer 

‘All American‘ an American-based sports television series had an accomplished run in the past three seasons. Let us find out when ‘All American Season 4’ will be released. All American is a drama series directed by April Blair, produced by Greg Berlanti, and cinematography crafted by Nikhil Paniz.

It premiered on The CW network on Oct 10, 2018. The series features an ensemble cast including Daniel Ezra, Bre-Z, Greta Onieogou, and Tay Diggs. Fans liked the past three seasons of the series that came out in 2018, 2019, and 2020 respectively.

The series is based on the life of Spenser a passionate, angry young boy from South L.A., a rising American footballer recruited to play for Beverly hills high. The struggles, the wins, the losses from a completely different world-Crenshaw and Beverly Hills begin to collide with each other.

Here is all you need to know about the new season

Release Date

All American season 1, 2 and 3 arrived in 2018 2019 and 2020 respectively consisting of 46 episodes and now it has officially landed a fourth touchdown.

The CW has earlier plotted to the sports drama series before season three has even ended, with no surprise as -All American is widely a big hit and very popular on the CW and Netflix based on a true strong narrative has proven a great smash hit .compelling viewing for the audience and critics with 96% ratings on rotten tomatoes.

No official report for the release date of season four is now available but we can infer that All American season four will come somewhere around 2022


Inspired by the true-life story of the NFL Superbowl Champion, Spencer Paysinger. All American is inspiring, representing family drama about the two families whose homes he shares after transferring from Crenshaw to Beverly High, his mother and brother in South LA, and the Bakers of Beverly Hills. Although they both belong to completely different worlds are drawn together, Spencer, the bakers, and the James family will discover the challenges and differences that divide them on the surface hide a deeper connection the complicated, unsound humanity that unites us all

All American Season 4 Cast

The lineup for All American season four has not been officially decided yet, and nothing has been confirmed on who will make up the cast. It will be safe to assume the same familiar faces for the fourth-quarter run.

Daniel Ezra, main lead as Spencer James, we can expect to see the same cast for next season. So that’s 

  • Samantha Logan as Olivia baker 
  • Bre-Z as Tamia Coop Cooper 
  • Greta Onieogou as Layla Keating
  • Michael Evan Behling as Jordan Baker
  • Cody Christian as Asher Adam
  • Taye Diggs as Billy Baker
  • Chelsea Tavares as Patience
  • Karimah Westbrook as Grace James
  • Monet Mazur as Laura Finebaker
  • Jalyn Hall as Dillon James

Plot: What will happen next?

Season four will stick to Spencer James as he is going to complete his graduation and his football career is coming to an end, worrying about what his future might look like.

We can also expect to see the real-life issue faced by the blacks. The showrunner will continue to cover the Black lives matter movement which has a special episode in season three.


“You hope what you are doing is making a difference, and my goal for this episode was that hopefully, it would lead to people understanding the pain and that we are at the point where enough is enough,” showrunner Nkechi Okoro Carrol said (via EW).

But I can’t say anything. Sometimes it appears like it doesn’t make any difference. I try not to be disheartened by that and try to put the authentic truth of that in the show because we pride ourselves on these characters authentically portraying what it’s like to be a youth, and specifically a Black youth, in America nowadays. And we hope that it makes a difference. it is confirmed that this topic will certainly be covered in season four as well. 

It would be interesting to see the upcoming twists and turns. The new season will arrive in later months than originally planned because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The wait has been worthwhile, however, as the new season has thrown up several new challenges for the students of South Crenshaw high, setting up a dramatic twist and turns into the season finale.


There is no trailer for season 4, and it might be a good idea for fans to expect one to arrive until much closer to the release date

We don’t have a start date just yet. Things were messed up around in the 2020 -2021 tv season due to the pandemic. As soon as a teaser lands, we will share it with everyone.

We will certainly let you know about season 4 as soon as we find out!

You’d better believe we will be scooping it up and tossing it into this feature as soon as it comes up, so do keep us bookmarked for all the latest news, rumors, and scoops, stay tuned

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