Twitch Streamer Adin Ross Caught for Using phone while driving: Faces Ban 

I just got banned from Twitch…I feel horrible…It is my fault. These are the words of Adin Ross, who recently faced a backlash for using a mobile phone while driving. Adin Ross, a rockstar Twitch streamer, seems like his life is continuously going downhill.

During the last week alone,  Many followers recently caught him lying bragging about his role in the content creator cryptocurrency issue on Twitter. The controversy has rocked the business, and four members of the Faze Clan have been suspended due to it. He also had an altercation with Ricegum, his LA Clout House roommate. With both artists reverting and forward on the Internet, the quarrel got extremely public. 

But, ever since, they’ve worked out their differences and repaired their connection. It appeared that his life had returned to normal, with no scandal’s insight. But it wasn’t a while till he got himself into a mess again. Here’s what you need to know! 

What’s the whole matter?

Adin Ross has kicked off the show while actively streaming himself and driving while checking his phone. Adin Ross was spotted doing something controversial during a broadcast on July 6th: texting while driving. Adin Ross is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, so it’s hard to think that someone with such clout and a captive audience would do something so rash. However, being the stronger man in this situation, he stated that it was his responsibility and that Twitch had nothing to do with it. In a subsequent Instagram Live session, Ross expresses his regret and says that the suspension is “100% my fault, it’s completely nobody else’s fault but mine — it’s my fault.” 

Twitch has issued Adin Ross his fourth consecutive ban for insulting its basic rules. He made the dreadful error of texting while driving, which resulted in his expulsion from the platform. As many IRL and regular streamers do, he was driving while streaming to give viewers a glimpse into their lives. In an ‘IRL’ Twitch stream, the content creator was visible, gazing back and forth from his phone to the road. The streamer, who was driving vividly, constantly looked at his chat almost a dozen times in the clip.

Is the ban permanent? Will Adin Ross return on twitch?

In a tweet about the ban, Ross said that he believes it will be permanent, adding, “I’m so sorry I feel bad.” It’s unclear whether he’ll ever come back to the stage. If he doesn’t, fans may learn something about his future from him, such as a shift to another site like YouTube. 

Twitch Streamer Adin Ross
Twitch Streamer Adin Ross

Why did Twitch take such a big step?

Streamers “must follow all applicable local, national, and international laws while using our service,” according to the Twitch community guidelines, and “any content or behavior featuring, inciting, offering, or soliciting criminal activity is banned.” Although texting while driving is against the legislation and illegal, some Redditors believe Adin was driving on a private road, and thus, the same rules may not pertain. Whether or not it is accurate, texting and driving are foolish and dangerous because they may incite other sensitive spectators to do the likewise. 

Many people on social media are attaching the scene as a ‘publicity stunt.’ Despite previously being banned for unacceptable use of language, the streamer’s newest punishment has generated quite a commotion on social media. It’s both fun and interesting as well as dreadful to see what the future holds for Adin Ross and his die-hard fans.

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