Samsung quietly launches TV Plus streaming service over web

The web version of Samsung’s TV Plus streaming service was recently introduced. Samsung’s new streaming service, which was earlier exclusive to Samsung TVs and mobile devices, has now quietly been released as a web service in the second quarter. With the launch, the Samsung streaming service is now available to almost everyone. 

A Samsung spokeswoman verified the availability of the web version of the Samsung TV Plus streaming service.  While it’s unclear why Samsung chose to launch the web version of its streaming service in such a quiet manner, the firm appears to be experimenting with new ways to bring Samsung TV Plus to a wider audience. Samsung has added casting functionality for Chromecast gadgets as well as a web application of its free and icon Smart TV Plus streaming service for live and linear content.

It’s a strange new player in the streaming warfare, and it debuted with little fanfare, but the release makes an app that was previously inaccessible to Samsung users widely available to anybody.

Who is the new streaming service available to?

Samsung Television Plus, Samsung’s free and linear video streaming service, is now available on the web. Previously, it was only available on Samsung smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. Although Samsung did not officially announce its debut, it is a significant step forward because the video streaming service is now available to everyone. Samsung’s product is now available on non-Samsung devices, putting it in direct conflict with ad-supported streaming services like Peacock, Roku Channel, and a variety of other free streaming services. Services like Pluto TV and Plex are not available in India.

What can I stream?

Consumers in the United States can currently watch nearly 140 streaming channels, including ABC News Live, PBS Kids, ION Plus, Vice, and several genre-specific Vevo channels. Incredibly, these channels are available to everyone who does not own a Galaxy phone or a smart TV. You didn’t find anything that piques your interest? It’s no problem. They are always adding additional channels to the portfolio so you can watch what you want.

Samsung quietly launches TV Plus
Samsung quietly launches TV Plus

Users wishing to break free from subscription TV, long-term content bingers, foodies, Boston Celtics, sports fanatics, gamers, news buffs, and more can all benefit from Samsung TV Plus’s free TV programming. They have got you covered no matter what you want to watch. 

Evolution of Samsung TV plus

 Samsung TV Plus isn’t a brand-new product. It’s been a good player in the market for a long time. Since 2016, it has been confined to Samsung Smart TVs. While it’s unclear why Samsung chose a silent launch over the web version of its streaming service, the organization is going at new ways to reach a larger audience with Samsung TV Plus.

What is the deal?

Samsung TV Plus is completely free to use. Samsung means it when it claims there are no strings attached. There is no need for a subscription, new fees, a credit card, a sign-up, a download, or more devices; all you need is free TV. While it’s unclear why Samsung chose now to soft launch the web version of its streaming service, it appears that the firm is looking for methods to expand the reach of TV Plus. The choice is always excellent, and you can’t beat the price of free (especially if you can sit through advertisements), but Samsung is a little late to the party if it wants to dominate the linear streaming industry. 

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How to get it?

Samsung TV Plus is pre-installed on your TV, and it’s a free ad-supported Smart TV video service that gives you immediate access to news, sports, entertainment, and more. There’s no need for a download, an additional gadget, or a credit card.

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