Steph Curry’s Mom Sonya Files For Divorce From Dell: Latest News 

Sonya and Dell Curry, Steph Curry’s parents, are divorcing, according to documents filed earlier this summer in North Carolina by Sonya Curry. 

According to reports on Monday, Sonya, 55, filed divorce papers on June 14 against Dell, 58, with the court stating that the pair, who married in 1988, is still working on the breakup. After a year of experimenting with a trial separation and considerable deliberation, we have decided to leave our marriage. Our goal and desire are for our family’s continuous happiness, as this comes with a tremendous deal of pain we have learned from Sonya and Dell, both 58. “We are pleased with all of our many blessings and achievements! We will continue to be dedicated to and supportive of our children and grandchildren, and we will stay connected. We want that our privacy is maintained and respected and that our family be prayed for as we move forward with the split”. 

Long story short- Journey of their love

They met at Virginia Tech, where Dell was a basketball champ, and she played volleyball at that time, and they were college lovers. They first met while she was on a college tour for recruiting purposes and came upon the men’s basketball team, where she bumped into him. Steph (or Stephen), Seth, and daughter Sydel were born in 1988 and have since brought their parents three granddaughters and a grandson. In November, Sydel will give birth to her first child too! Sonya established the Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman in North Carolina, where all three of her children attended their studies, all while Dell played in the NBA for 16 years.

Steph Curry's Mom
Steph Curry’s Mom

Why Sonya called to quit the year-long filled with the love relationship

To be honest, it was never anticipated. The reason for their break up is still shrouded in secrecy. Nobody knows the exact cause which led the couple to take such an extremely painful decision, except the family members, of course. At this point, we understand that it’s crucial to respect one’s intimacy in the matter. Sonya filed for divorce in June of this year. The procedure is still in progress. Sonya’s reasons for divorcing are unknown at this time. It is a negative twist of fate. Sonya and Dell are part of one of the most talented basketball families in the world. It’s heartbreaking to see such a dilemma. 

Always been ‘good’ parents

Dell and Sonya have always been a fixture at their sons’ games, particularly during the playoffs. When Seth played for the Portland Trailblazers (he now plays for the Philadelphia 76ers) and faced Steph’s Golden State Warriors in the NBA Western Conference Finals in 2019, she noted that the men were on rival teams had no impact on the family’s closeness. Sonya previously discussed using her childhood experiences with prejudice in Radford, Virginia, to teach her children essential life skills. Steph Curry attributes his desire to use his platform to raise social and racial awareness to his mother. “The most valuable thing our mother advised us was that we grew up differently than she did,” Steph explained, adding, “She was always quick to remind us of the realities of life in the United States and to recognize our accomplishments.” 

Even though we were raised in a different setting, I understand that there was stuff going on and stuff that mom dealt with daily in Radford that was vital for us to comprehend,” Steph told the outlet. “I never had to experience it firsthand, but I was well aware of the situation. When she discussed it, you could see it in her eyes. We have a sense that, despite their drift, Dell and Sonya will last united and serve as role models to their family.

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