A Secret Space Weapon Developed By The Us Military Could Be Declassified Shortly 

Top Defense Department officials have been striving for a long time to declassify the status of a secret space weapon program and provide a real-world demonstration of its powers. In short, A secret space weapon developed by the US military could be declassified shortly. According to insiders, Gen. John Hyten, the vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is spearheading the initiative, which is high enough to conclude that the anti-satellite technology could have been presented at this year’s National Space Symposium. 

A New Secret Space Weapon? Why Might the Us Military Announce It to the World?

 Plentiful countries have proven anti-satellite capabilities in the last 15 years, including China and Russia. Global Counter, Space Capabilities study, co-editors Brian Weeden and Victoria Samson claimed that these operational capabilities might be utilized to harm or eliminate US aerospace. Hence, the decision of A secret space weapon developed by the US military could be declassified shortly. 

U.S. military commanders are most concerned with deterring assaults against their satellites. Because such strikes would be useless, military officials have decided to publicly demonstrate a weapon in the hopes of discouraging external sides from seeking to dismantle satellites. Our satellites are not that vulnerable, you know,'” Weeden remarked, referring to the Department of Defense. “Defeating an attack is possible.” The announcement of this new weapon comes at a time when US military authorities are increasingly referring to space as a “warfighting realm.” The armament of space was highlighted by the Trump administration as a reason for forming the Space Force, and some sort of conflict in space may be unavoidable. 

Some countries are considering space-based warfare in line with rising anti-satellite capabilities revealed by the US, China, Russia, and India. For example, in 2019, French officials launched a campaign to research technologies like swarms of nano-satellites patrolling a few kilometers around French spacecraft, a ground-based laser system to blind eavesdropping satellites, and even machine weapons on board some satellites.

“It does indicate that space is evolving to be more like similar sectors,” Weeden said, “where there will be a combination of civil, commercial, and military activity.”

Unwanted Delay of the Public Demonstration of Declassifying the Secret Space Weapon

A secret space weapon developed by the US military could be declassified shortly, but For the time being, the Afghan situation is likely to have thrown that on wait. According to sources, declassifying such a critical technology demands the approval of the Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, as well as President Joe Biden’s green signal, with all arms of the national security apparatus pointing towards Kabul, that is unlikely to happen next week. Of course, nothing is guaranteed until the president says yes. 

What Kind of Weapons Are Those?

With Pentagon officials attempting to declassify and show an actual US anti-satellite weapon —the question now is what sort of technology will be presented. However, there are sufficient indications and facts dispersed across the history of counter-space capabilities to give a notion of what could be offered to the board, according to sources. Let the expert take a guess — or, to become fairer, the uncontrolled speculating — starts at this same stage. 

Since the US has already shown ground, sea, and air-launched ASAT missile capabilities, the odds are significantly stacked in favor of the new weapon being located in space rather than on the ground. As a result, analysts claim, duplicating a satellite shootdown with a missile would be pointless and miss the diplomatic impact of a demonstration of military strength in the solar system.

Secret Space Weapon
Secret Space Weapon

Still, others speculate that a ground-based, transportable laser weapon capable of blinding or entirely incapacitating hostile reconnaissance satellites in Low Earth Orbit could be a viable option.  

An on-board RF jammer — either carried by some tremendously desirable US satellites or, more likely, on maneuverable “bodyguard” satellites — is perhaps the example of a highly favored idea. Another option is an onboard, low-power laser, but given the physics involved with two bodies traveling across space at high speeds, this would require even more technological skill.

Hunter-killer satellites deploying a kinetic death vehicle, or perhaps themselves being deployed as kamikazes, would be less feasible but not impossible. 

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