Found Comes Out of Stealth With $32m in Funding, Former Bumble Exec as Its New Ceo

Found, is a startup and it is completely focused on the management of weight care. This startup has emerged as a big corporation today with $32 million funding in total and the has even appointed former CEO Sarah Jones Simmer as its new chief executive.

Found was started at a San Francisco-based studio named Atomic in the spring of 2020. This year, itself Found raised $24 million in a Series A round where GV and Atomic, took part from the different ventures. And it raised over $8 million in last year itself. 

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Jack Abraham, is the co-founder of Found and managing partner of Atomic, said the startup was initially started to address the issue of weight care while introducing it through telehealth.

Abraham said with approximately 70% of the population being obese and being constantly increasing at a continuous rate, they found a personalization method to help bend the curve.

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Abraham then said that there are few points that are present for a particular medication or treatment. Found was started with a motive to provide a comprehensive, tailored, and result-based solution to help anyone who wishes to lose weight.”

By comprehensive, he means that the startup offers a lot of medications, supplements, diet plans,  routines, and coaching programs to help its members achieve their personal weight and health goals.

Found Comes Out of Stealth With $32m
Found Comes Out of Stealth With $32m

Since it was launched in 2020, Found has helped a lot of members to lose their weight, as said by Swathy Prithivi, the co-founder and CEO of Found. She has been with them as the company’s interim CEO. It is currently available in 31 states and they provide an average cost of $100 per month with various plans.

She said in an interview that creating Found always wished to change the idea that obesity is a disease, not a decision, and that it’s high time to change the thinking and show everyone and provide that weight care so that obesity is treated like a disease and not a decision. 

She then added that we all have been given the idea of eating less and move more, and then being body shamed for less willpower when we don’t see any progress. She then continued that Found aims to help people focus more on body positivity and love their body the way it is even during their weight management journey.

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And one can achieve the ideal weight by mixing advice from clinicians, a group of people going through the same process, and “prescription interventions” when it is necessary. The company focuses on a personalized, and integrated method that also contains addressing sleep, healthy eating, movement, stress, and a person’s biology.

Jones Simmer came to Found, where she did the foundation for that company’s public offering. During that process, she was suffering from breast cancer —and she was at stage 3. She then worked a lot for the company snd sis all the drafts of the S-1 from a chemo chair and sent it to the board on the exact day she had her double mastectomy.

The move to set the company she’d worked at from its early days of being found out of a two-bedroom apartment was, in large part, a personal one that stemmed from her experience in battling cancer. She was also attracted to the company’s mission to fight for obesity and weight loss in a similar way that Bumble fought stigmas around online dating.

Jones Simmer said that she was in remission just after the IPO and after a pretty hectic year of treatment that was like, 20-plus rounds of chemo, many surgeries, and 37 rounds of radiation. She then added that all of these make it clear how you want to spend your days and what’s important to you.

So even after contributing so much for  Bumble CEO and founder Whitney Wolfe Herd, and her respect for the company and team, Jones Simmer left the company earlier this year because she wanted to try new things for herself.

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She said during her treatment there was a point where her doctors gave her a timeline that made her realize whether she had a lifetime to achieve all the goals or not. She then added her prognosis is better now, but her viewpoint about life has changed permanently.

Found  is planning to expand more in the upcoming years

Also, she said she missed the building and wish to go back to something building again.

Jones said that she wishes to have a chance to integrate the lessons that she learned at Bumble and is thinking about building something else that had a similar impact and that could touch people’s lives.

Found has 130 employees, and planning to expand a large part of the capital. The company also declared Alexandre Linares as their new chief product officer. Linares was the VP of Product Headspace, where he saw growth for the app, which today helps over 70 million people.

GV Partner Frederique Dame has joined Found’s board. She said she joined Found because it’s mission-related to her. 

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Found takes a new approach to help people lose weight, bringing the weight clinic online with all the tools required and offers personalized, coaching designed to improve patient health as said by Dame

Also, Dame and Prithivi worked together at Uber from the year 2012 to 2016. Dame said he had always admired her focus and dedication towards he work. She believes, Found is unique in two main approaches. One is its toolkit’s diversity. And second, is its approach to shifting the narrative around weight management.

Dame also added that it’s an integrated platform, and the most designed to your needs.  He also says Found makes it easy and convenient while loving your body and having self-acceptance.

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