No Fourth Stimulus Check Will Help You as Major Covid Aid Programs End in the Us

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The new delta variant has created a constant fear among the people especially in the summers of America where the government planned a steady get back of the economy and get a raise for jobs and the solve the financial issue. However, the hall has started and it has brought a very uncertain time with it for the people as the famous COVID-19 relief plans are coming to an end soon.

And what made the people worry the most is there are a lot of cases being logged every day. Moreover, after seeing the recent situations it is more unlikely to see a fourth stimulus check is to be in action in Washington, but some news is still out about the situation is not so sure about the people. 

Are all the COVID-19 relief programs came to an end?

The federal rescue package of the $1.9 trillion that was signed in the month of March is probably best known for the $1,400 stimulus checks the third direct payment of the COVID crisis distributed to a large chunk of Americans. Time has run out on several forms of emergency assistance in that package. Here are the programs wrapping up, with expiration dates.

  1. Cut off all the unemployment benefits- President Biden’s Plans for American Rescue which was a total amount of $300 provided a per-week to any person who is unemployed. These plans were ended on September 6, and even a lot of states had even ended the benefits for a federal pandemic. Moreover, a total of 7.5 million people had lost all the benefits for unemployment benefits this year.

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  1. Benefits for Health insurance- Recently due to Covid -19 the government has provided people 100% health insurance to all the workers who have their job coverage under the COBRA law. However this benefit for the workers has ended on September 30, and now all the workers are needed to find new insurance for themselves.
  1. Tax credit for a larger child- Since 15th July, households have received family with kids stimulus checks by the government a total expansion of one year for the child tax credit. The payments for the child tax amounted to $1,800 for the children who are below 6 years of age and tax for children with the age of 6 to 17 years of age was provided with $1,500. However, the payment for December 15 is scheduled accordingly and the Congress is planning to continue the plan for the larger child.
  2. Protection for Eviction- A decision by the U.S. Supreme Court has given an end to an eviction all over the world ban that was planned to start on October 3. Governments also have a temporary pause on the end of the ban, but those bans might end soon. 

List of COVID-19 relief that is still on

  1. Assistance for Rent- The last two packages for the stimulus of Covid-19 gave about $47 billion for rent relief, and most of it is also available after a slower payout. Payouts have been increasing as the administration cut-offs for the red tape. 
  2. Stimulus checks for California- California is about to send checks of $500 to $1,000  via emails for the stimulus payments of second rounds. 
  3. Help for workers- Recently few states are using a part of their amount given in COVID relief to pay bonuses to teachers and has kept  $700 million apart given by the government for the stimulus checks given for workers.
  4. A check for new parents- All the couples who had a child in 2021 are eligible for the child tax credit. If anyone has applied for the plans for newborns, they are eligible to receive an amount of $3,600 per child when you file a tax for 2022. Along with that, babies who are born in 2021 can also avail of the $1,400 payments. 

Are there any plans for a fourth stimulus check?

As the new delta variant is at its peak a lot of people are in a hope that the government will start a 4th stimulus check.

Recently in a petition signed online that demanded checks of $2,000 for every citizen in the U.S. and $1,000 for every child in this pandemic and has received up to 2.9 million signatures. However, Congress has given a deadline to increase a $1 trillion infrastructure bill and on an average of $3.5 trillion budget bill.


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