Biden’s Political Standing Fuels Democratic Worry About 2024

It was expected to be a moment of success for president Joe Biden. The most essential infrastructure bill had just been signed into law by the president. He kept the promise he made last year and managed to get the bill passed with the support of Democrats and Republicans.

But last week when Biden reached New Hampshire to promote the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, not everyone present at the ceremony was in the mood for celebration.

When Steve Shurtleff, former state House Speaker and a longtime Biden supporter who went to attend the ceremony asked about Biden’s political standing, he said “Democrats are concerned,” adding “I’m concerned about where we may be in another couple of years when people start to gear up and start making trips to New Hampshire.”

He was openly claiming that what multiple Democrats have been humming for months: Biden’s political action is so weak even a year into his presidency that chances are there that he may not be reelected in 2024. 

Kamala Harris, the Vice President, is enduring her political issues with polls recommending she may be more popular in comparison to her boss. Biden has given her many opportunities to shine.

On Friday, she gave her first solo speech for promoting the new infrastructure law in Ohio’s capital city, referring to a mostly empty union hall majorly absent of political leaders and roughly at the same time Biden was putting out the White House’s annual turkey pardon in Washington.

Harris said, “In America, we dare to see beyond the crisis — to believe that the future and a future we imagine is possible — and then, to build it.”

As of now, not much to suggest the law, which will bring improvement in the infrastructure of every state and also create thousands of jobs potentially, will promptly amend Democrats’ political standing.

Since Biden suffers, theories about the shortlist of future successors have strengthened. However, the president, 79, has claimed both publicly and privately that he will run for reelection in 2024.

The list is led by Harris, but also has other 2020 presidential candidates like Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. Last week only Booker had announced his plans to appear at a party fundraiser in December in New Hampshire, which traditionally is being hosted by the nation’s first presidential primary election.

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Speculations About Biden Reelection

His team is required to dismiss rumors that he will run for 2024, and allies claim that he is very close to Harris and would not oppose her if Biden retires. 

The exasperations that are spilling over now may be long forgotten by the time Biden or another Democrat heads the party in the 2024 presidential election. The fact is, no one has any knowledge of what will be the standing of Biden or Harris in three years.

Whilst approval ratings for Biden are soaring among the low 40s, better than Donald Trump’s at the same time of his presidency.

Barack Obama also went through such things during the end of his first year of presidency. In the 2010 midterm elections, his party would go on to endure historic losses. But in a little time, only Obama managed to win a second term also.

Similarly, Bill Clinton also conquered problems along with a distressing midterm period in 1994, to win reelection in 1996.


Bill Burton, Democratic strategist, who served in the Obama White House, mentioned that any factors could entirely win against the political climate, like Trump’s comeback, a Supreme Court ruling for ending or deliriously blocking abortion rights, a restored economy, and end of the pandemic.

Burton said “There’s such unanimity around the idea that Democrats are completely doomed. These are the same people who brought us, President Hillary Clinton,” adding “Maybe things aren’t as bad as the entire chattering class seems to think they are.”

Taking into account Biden’s current sufferings, the White House is working to crush rumors that Biden may not seek reelection in 2024.

Stating that Biden has announced his plans to run publicly and privately, his associates claim that the Democratic National Committee and Biden’s political panel within the White House are promptly progressing with the speculation he will seek a second term.

They think Biden’s situation will get better since voters accept the new infrastructure legislation and the $2 trillion social spendings and climate bill currently passing across Congress.

The DNC and its allies are already aiming at essential resources on selling the Democrats’ achievements in major states ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, states such as Georgia, Arizona, New Hampshire, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania that will also be top battlefields in the 2024 presidential election.

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Tensions Inside the White House

Distress within the White House is real despite their optimism since the new leadership panel gets to work together.

Harris’ allies are particularly annoyed that Biden appears to have blocked the vice president to an insignificant role with a tough policy portfolio headed by voting rights and immigration.

On Friday, she was traveling with reporters in Ohio when Kyle Rittenhouse was discharged with all charges in last year’s fatal shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which became a significant point in the debate upon guns, revenge, and racial misdeed.

But she was bound to stay still till Biden had considered the case before, she could have remarked, stating “the verdict speaks for itself.”

Later when she gave her speech about the new infrastructure law, there was barely any Democratic excitement.

Not even a quarter of the union hall was occupied with attendees with almost no top Democrats of Ohio present at the event, along with Senator Sherrod Brown or the high-profile Democrats running for governor.

Representative Joyce Beatty, who portrays the district where Harris spoke, was the sole member of Congress to attend the event.

Harris said “Because of our work together, America is moving forward,”, clarifying about the infrastructure law that it would “make the most significant investment to fix our road and bridges in 70 years.”

But the White House’s message was flooded by annoyances upon Biden’s presidency similar to New Hampshire.

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“Build Back Less Better”- Ohio Democrat Nina Turner

Ohio Democrat Nina Turner, who served as co-chair of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign, stated that “very little has changed” for the low-income and middle-class families after Biden took the presidency. She stated that the infrastructure bill is not improving, and she smashed Biden’s social spending bill as “build back less good.”

Speaking of Biden, Turner said “The question becomes, ‘Why am I helping you to hold to power when the power you have right now you’re not using on my behalf?’” adding “That’s called insanity — asking me to vote for you, asking the Black community to come out for you in 2022 or 2024 when you ain’t doing nothing in 2021.”

Rev. Al Sharpton, a civil rights activist who went to attend the signing ceremony of the infrastructure bill at the White House, cautioned that Biden was close to “the red zone” with Black voters.0

Sharpton requested Biden to use his tough stand to battle stronger for enacting a policing approach and secure voting rights that are under swamp in Republican-led states, he said at the end of the infrastructure event.

He said, “They’ve got to between now and the end of January crank it up or they’re going to have real problems.”


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