Flight Attendant Season 3 Release Date: Is It Officially Announced or Not?

The second season has wrapped up and like always, a critic couldn’t stop praising it. Fans are already figuring out news about The Flight Attendant Season 3.

Will it happen or not? If The Flight Attendant Season 3 is renewed, it will be another marvelous season added to the comedy thriller. The show has achieved 91% fresh ratings on the reputed site, Rotten Tomatoes.

So, it is obvious for the fans to be excited to know more about The Flight Attendant Season 3 and more about the journey of Kaley-Cuoco.

Is The Flight Attendant Season 3 officially Announced? When Will It Be Released?

 Sadly, to fans’ disappointment, The Flight Attendant Season 3 has not been officially renewed as of now. HBO Max and the creators are still not providing any clarification regarding the show. 

The character Max is played by Deniz Akdeniz in this series and while interviewing for Distractify, he stated, “So, I have no idea yet [about Season 3]. But we have such a good time making this show—it’s such a family. We were lucky to be able to do the first two seasons, and now if a third one comes up, I think we’d be lucky to go back and do some more.”

Besides, the lead Cuoco even mentioned in the interview with People, “We did two — we should probably be done,” “I think I’ve been outnumbered with that thought; there’s definitely interest in doing a third season. I think for me, at this moment, the plane has landed.” 

Though the renewal is pending, the buzz surrounding The Flight Attendant Season 3 can return to keep the request of the audiences. 

For now, there isn’t any release date but only The Flight Attendant Season 3 is officially confirmed, HBO Max and creators will update their audiences instantly.

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Was The Flight Attendant A Limited Series?

When the show was announced at the initial stage, it was declared to be a limited series. But after the major success of season 2, the creators decided to pick up a second season to continue the story. So, the chances of renewal of The Flight Attendant Season 3 totally depend on the entire team of networks and creators.

The Story of The Flight Attendant Season 3

The Flight Attendant Season 3 will continue from the storyline that it has built throughout the previous seasons. This series starts with the flight attendant, Cassandra Bowden staying in a Bangkok hotel with a dead body and finding out the truth the next morning when she wakes up.

Flight Attendant Season 3
Flight Attendant Season 3

The night before the incident, Cassandra was partying and had quite a good quantity of alcohol. With this mysterious dead body by her side, Cassandra plans to continue her routine and pretend that nothing major happened. She even accompanied them to walk to the airport, however, was totally silent.

Once she lands in New York, FBI officials question her about her stay in Bangkok. But she struggles to figure out the truth of the night and even starts doubting herself as the murderer.

The story escalates from here. Now, The Flight Attendant Season 3 is still not a piece of sure news and so, the storyline cannot be predicted. Though there are a lot of unanswered questions that need clarity, we do not know about the future of the show. As soon as the announcement comes out, the storyline will get clear.

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The Cast of The Flight Attendant Season 3

Flight Attendant Season 3 Cast
Flight Attendant Season 3 Cast

The interesting cast of The Flight Attendant Season 3 will remain unchanged. We as the viewers have got acquainted with the crew and it’s obvious that the favorites have more to share. So, if The Flight Attendant Season 3 is renewed, we will be seeing:

  • Cassie Bowden, Kaley Cuoco
  • Annie Mouradian, played by Zosia Mamet
  • Griffin Matthews playing Shane Evans 
  • Rosie Perez playing Megan Briscoe
  • Young Cassie played by Audrey Grace Marshall
  • Deniz Akdeniz playing Max Park
  • Portraying Miranda Croft is Michelle Gomez.
  • Michiel Huisman playing Alex Sokolov 
  • Mo McRae playing Benjamin Berry
  • Callie Hernandez playing Gabrielle Diaz

Plus, the possibility of a new major cast is negligible. There might be a few temporary cast members in The Flight Attendant Season 3 but the main cast will remain the same.

It is still undecided but the fans cannot hold their thrill. Do you think that The Flight Attendant Season 3 will have a comeback?

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