Best Part-time Jobs for Students in 2022

Earning a living for students has always been a pressing issue. After all, despite bonuses, grants, and extra payments, a scholarship most often cannot cover basic expenses, not to mention buying gadgets or traveling. So it’s no surprise that part-time work is an important topic for young people.

It is a little easier for students who receive help from relatives, or for part-time students who can get a major job in their profession. But sometimes there is no such opportunity, and the question arises “where to find a job as a student”?

A survey of full-time students shows that 37% of students work part-time outside of their major. And there are reasons for that – the desire to travel, buy research papers, and dress fashionably – and that’s just the beginning of the list. After all, a job for college students should include a flexible schedule and a certain amount of free time. And most employers prefer employees who can be in the office from 9 to 18, five days a week. So where to get a job as a student? We have prepared for you the top jobs for students!

The best part-time jobs for students  

First, it’s worth understanding that a high-paying job for students is very rare. Of course, everyone would like to find a place with an easy and interesting activity and a good salary. But in reality, unless you have some rare skills, a lot of experience, and regular customers, then you have little choice. Most of the options where you can work as a student without work experience are in the service industry.

Here you can expect a flexible schedule and hourly or piece-rate pay.

So, the top jobs for full-time students without work experience include:

Courier. This part-time job for students has gained particular popularity with the development of delivery services. Many aggregators require couriers, but most often the requirements prescribed the presence of a vehicle – car, bike, or scooter. It is possible to find a part-time job as a pedestrian courier, but these options are quite heavy physically. When choosing where to get a job for a student, you need to be realistic about your physical fitness.

Animator. This part-time job is especially suitable for a student who is creative and communicative. In addition, many people say that this is the best job for a student studying at a pedagogical university because it can be seen as practice. Most often, animators work at children’s parties, dress up in costumes of various characters and entertain guests at celebrations. As the holidays come (New Year’s Eve, graduations in kindergartens and schools), the demand for animators is especially high. This means that the level of earnings rises. So it’s also a job for students with a good salary.

Domestic services. This type of part-time work for students includes both one-time services – fixing minor breakages, plumbing, and computer wizard services. As well as services such as dog walking, for example. This is a perfect after-school job for students because it involves a flexible schedule and doesn’t take much time. It is often necessary to help in the evenings and on weekends, and you can coordinate with the customer the time of his work.

The operator of the call center. Another type of part-time work for students. And this option can also be considered a permanent job for students. But it is worth taking into account that call center specialists usually work on a shift schedule. So it might not be the best job for full-time students. It is more likely to suit correspondence students or students with free attendance. Many businesses are always in need of telephone operators. And, a job in a call center doesn’t always involve sales. It could be taking orders, technical support, or consulting. As a consequence, this option of work is not suitable as a one-time part-time job for students, as it involves at least minimal training.

Barista/Bartender. We are sure that near the university or at home there will always be a bar or coffee shop, where you can get a part-time job as a student. But it is worth considering that the profession of both bartender and barista requires initial training and an internship period that pays less than regular hours. Also, when considering this part-time job option for students, you need to calculate your energy and time wisely. Bartenders usually work night hours, while baristas work on a shift schedule. Therefore, it is worth considering whether this part-time job for students will interfere with your studies.

Waiter. On the one hand, it is a physically demanding job, which also involves an internship and training. So if you are looking where you can get a couple of days for a temporary part-time job, this option is unlikely to fit. But at the same time, quite often you can find a permanent part-time waiter with a flexible schedule. And have a good earning on it, mainly due to tips.

Promoter. This is a part-time job for young people starting from 16 years old. And a great option, where to get a job as a full-time student. After all, promoters usually work only 3-4 hours a day, it is a part-time job with the most flexible schedule. Tasks include handing out flyers, and promotional materials, posting ads and conducting surveys. Promoting is also a great job for female students. Companies often need young, pleasant faces to work at tastings and exhibitions, so there is always an unofficial part-time job for a student. But it is worth considering that this job can hardly be called a high-paying job. In addition, it is quite irregular, and the stability of your earnings will depend on the demand for the services of promoters.

Work at the university as a student. Where else can a full-time student find a job? At your home university, of course! Institutions of higher education often hire students as methodologists or lab technicians. Often this is quite routine paperwork or organizational work. In addition, the salary level for such work is quite low. But you can be sure that the work will not interfere with your classes. In addition, in this case, there is no question about where to look for a part-time job – it is enough to come to the department or talk to the lab technicians.

Part-time work on the Internet. This is a fairly easy job for students, as you can do it without leaving home. And some even work in transport, while getting to the university. How do I find a part-time job as a student on the freelance market? It’s easy! The network often places orders for copywriters, editors, and text transcribers. Interesting part-time jobs for students are easy to find on specialized exchanges where you can work remotely. There are always options for students of creative professions: journalists, designers, editors, etc. And a bonus is that along with the earnings you get real experience and add to your portfolio!

Part-time jobs in retail chains. The finalist of our top and another option where to get work for a student. Large supermarkets are always short of workers. Therefore, there is always a part-time job for young people. Professions for students without work experience can be very different: a sales floor worker, an assistant in the self-service checkout area, etc. Workers are required for different shifts: from 4 to 12 hours and at different times of the day. And many supermarkets allow you to choose where to work – for example, close to home or place of study. And the payment for such part-time work is almost the same as the salary of a full-time employee network.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for students to get a part-time job. Our top 10 jobs include a variety of areas. The service industry, trade, the Internet, etc. So, the list is sure to find the best job for you.

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