How Old is Vee from “The Owl House”? The Final Season Returns on Disney Channel

As we all know “The Owl House” premiered its third and final season back on 15th October 2022. The show runs at 9.00 p.m. EDT and interestingly, this season is curated for making “The Owl House Season 3” extra special. There are going to be only three 44-minute specials that will conclude the storyline of “The Owl House”.

As a matter of fact, the first special has already debuted and the rest two specials will be coming to your screens in 2023. Creator Dana Terrace is excited to explore the storyline to introduce something that the world will appreciate. Though the fans need to wait for a year more to catch the entire show, there are more points that the ardent followers are trying to figure out.

This may be a story about Luz but it also involves all the weird discoveries she made in the process. One such character that catches the attention of the fans is Vee. Thus, in an attempt to know every detail about Vee, fans are searching through the internet to find the answer.

So, how old is Vee, and what is so special about this character? Let’s just straight away get to the point.

“The Owl House” Plot: What is it about?

This is an animated fantasy-comedy that debuted on 10th January 2020 on Disney Channel. The story is about self-assured teenage 14 years old girl Luz who accidentally ends up entering the world of the Boiling Isles. After entering into a different realm where humans are absolutely not favored, Luz chooses to partner with the witch named Eda along with her sidekick, King.

As a matter of fact, King was a “king” who is now looking for ways to get back his titles and the lost glory. Luz does not possess any power of her own but she aspires to be a witch by coming to Eda’s service. She is Eda’s apprentice and continuously working on learning magic. 

After the first season ended, the second seasons show how the main characters are working relentlessly to help Luz return to the Human Real. Besides, they also work together to help Eda “confront her curse”, and get knowledge about the King’s past while he is planning to contest against Emperor Belos, the ruler of Boiling Isles’.

So, in the final chapters that we are going to see in the specials, it will be about how Luz is going to save the Boiling Isles from the horror imposed by the chaotic collector.

Now in the process of finding all the answers in her quest, Luz comes across many characters and one such character is Vee who has become the favorite of the viewers in no time. 

Who is Vee/ Number 5?

A basilisk belonging to the Boiling Isles in the Demon Realm. She has the capability of shapeshifting as she has the power to absorb magic. After staying captive for long enough, she escaped to the human world when Luz got trapped in the Boiling Isles. She eventually became the doppelganger of Luz Noceda in the human world.

Furthermore, Vee conveys her thoughts about how she doesn’t support the real Luz for running away from such a loving family. Even though she had to alter her identity and appearance after real Luz returned back to the human world, she was grateful for the love and acceptance she received from Camila when she came to know about the truth. She appreciates the family she got by being the temporary Luz in the human world.

Vee said, “You and I are not the same. You had a mom who loved you, a home, a life, you had it GOOD! And you STILL wanted to run away, I… I didn’t have a choice. My real name is… Number 5. I’m a basilisk, and technically, I… I shouldn’t exist.” 

Thus, Luz is just being her cute self and winning the hearts of the viewers.

What is the age of Vee?

Fans are eager to know about the age of Vee. Since Vee belongs to a different world, it is hard to predict the real age of Vee. She is mainly known for being Number 5 which she got when she was in captivity. However, when pretending to be Luz, she was playing the role of a 14-year-old teenager. And that is not her real age.

Fans in TikTok are trying to dig out the truth about Vee’s age but the answer is still unclear. It can be guessed that Vee may be of the same age as Luz or younger than her. Unless the creators confirm the real age, we can only anticipate rather than give a concrete answer.

Final Lines

Unknowingly, Vee has become a prominent character in “The Owl House”. Though she had to exit the life of Luz and Camila Noceda, she left a lasting impression on everyone. As the show is coming to an end, we will see less of Vee in the future. So, are you going to miss Vee?

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