Reese Witherspoon was Arrested For Unruly Behaviour

Actress Reese Witherspoon has expressed “great embarrassment” for comments she and her husband allegedly made to police during their traffic stop in the United States. How about this: “Have you heard of me before?” According to a comment from the article, Witherspoon asked the state trooper who pulled the couple down in Atlanta.

According to the police report, she also allegedly said, “You’re about to find out who I am” and “You’re about to be on national news.” After a state trooper said the 37-year-old star would not remain in the vehicle while her husband, Hollywood agent Jim Toth, was administered the “walk and turn” US field sobriety test, she was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct. On Friday morning, Toth was taken into custody for DUI.

After being arrested, Witherspoon was released and made it to Sunday night’s premiere of her new film Mud in New York. The Oscar winner issued a statement late Sunday night in which she expressed remorse for her confrontation with law enforcement.

Reese Witherspoon Arrested (1)
Reese Witherspoon Arrested (1)

“I regret what I said because I was obviously intoxicated. It was a terrifying scenario, and I was worried sick about my spouse, but that’s no excuse. I was rude to a police officer who was only performing his duty. I sincerely apologize to the officers for my inappropriate behavior and hold the police in the highest regard.”

In a statement, Witherspoon claimed she was unable to elaborate “out of respect” for the ongoing litigation. Witherspoon was on the Mud red carpet when the news of her arrest emerged. She smiled at the camera but ignored the reporters who were waiting for her.

The arrest report states that the officer pulled Toth over early on Friday morning when he observed his vehicle swerving in and out of its lane. He said that Toth’s eyes were bloodshot and bloodshot and that his breath smelled strongly of alcohol.

Toth reported to the trooper that he had ingested alcohol two hours before the traffic stop, which Witherspoon said occurred at a restaurant. According to the report, Witherspoon was ordered back into the automobile before the field sobriety test even began because he had gotten out of the car.

The actor from Walk the Line allegedly got out of the car twice before the police officer threatened to arrest her. The longer the exam lasted, “Mrs. Witherspoon started hanging out the window, claiming that she did not believe that I was a real police officer.

Reese Witherspoon Arrested
Reese Witherspoon Arrested

I urged Mrs. Witherspoon to shut up and sit down “J Pyland, a First Class Soldier, sent in this letter. The 42-year-old Toth was eventually taken into custody. He faced charges of DUI as well as lane departure for swerving.

The arrest report states that Witherspoon exited the vehicle at this time and questioned the trooper. She “claimed that she was a ‘US Citizen’ and that she was permitted to’stand on American territory'” after being told to go back to the car, the report states.

Soon after, the trooper took steps to place Witherspoon under arrest. According to the story, Witherspoon first resisted but eventually came around after being reassured by her spouse. Both Toth and Witherspoon were subsequently arrested.

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