After Pushing a Lions Athletic Trainer Packers Quay Walker Was Dismissed

Green Bay linebacker Quay Walker was sent off for the second time this season during the fourth quarter of the Lions’ 20-16 victory over the Packers on Sunday night at Lambeau Field after pushing a member of the Detroit coaching staff. The ejection occurred while the Lions attempted to grab the lead by driving down the field with little time left in the fourth quarter. With 7:28 left in the game, Detroit running back D’Andre Swift gained two yards on the play but sustained an injury.

The Lions’ training staff arrived to help Swift, and as they were ministering to the team’s star running back, Walker, a defender, shoved one of the trainers in the back when he touched him as he attempted to move by him. Walker was removed after being assessed a personal foul. Three plays later, Jamaal Williams ran for a one-yard touchdown to permanently give the Lions the lead.

Walker has been dismissed from a game twice already this year. The first occurred in October when he assaulted a coach for the Bills. With an 8-9 record at the end of the regular season, the Packers could not make the playoffs after their defeat on Sunday.

After Pushing a Lions Athletic Trainer Packers Quay Walker Was Dismissed

The Green Bay Packers came into Sunday Night Football with the chance of a lifetime to make the playoffs. To advance, they had to defeat the Detroit Lions. The Seattle Seahawks’ overtime victory over the Los Angeles Rams earlier saw the Lions eliminated.

After Pushing a Lions Athletic Trainer Packers Quay Walker Was Dismissed
After Pushing a Lions Athletic Trainer Packers Quay Walker Was Dismissed

Detroit came to the game on Sunday night despite that. The Packers were up 16-13 during the halfway point of the fourth quarter, and the Lions were attempting to score a winning touchdown. D’Andre Swift was smacked in the head and lay on the ground hurt after being tackled close to the Packers’ 10-yard line. The sports training personnel for the Lions had to go check him out.

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Quay Walker, a first-round choice by the Packers, then decided to push the athletic trainer. Walker was dismissed from the contest, resulting in an automatic first and goal.

The decision to expel the rookie Packers player was clear-cut and appropriate. The Damar Hamlin accident has undoubtedly increased awareness of the value placed on athletic trainers by football clubs. As he made his way through the tunnel toward the locker room, Walker was observed crying. However, that was far from Green Bay’s lone error.


Green Bay’s linebacker Quay Walker became the only player to be ejected twice this season following a strange and seemingly unprovoked shove of a Detroit Lions athletic trainer during Sunday Night Football. Packers LB Quay Walker was disqualified for pushing a Lions trainer. Please stay connected with us for more information on our site

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