What Caused Madelyn and Chase’s Breakup, and Where Did They Meet?

Refute the idea that something is true. Breakup rumors between Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes of Outer Banks persisted for weeks before the couple actually issued a statement confirming their separation. The breakup between the Netflix actors was first reported by People in November 2021, but further reports verified the split.

According to the source, “Madelyn and Chase are no longer together.” The fact that they made an effort to resolve their differences in private may explain why their breakup was so amicable. “They were trying to work things out privately but broke up a couple of months ago,” the insider said.

A second person familiar with the situation confirmed to the media that “they are definitely broken up.” The requests for comment from Life & Style from Madelyn and a representative for Chase were not immediately returned.

Madelyn and Chase's Breakup
Madelyn and Chase’s Breakup

Why Did Madelyn and Chase Breakup?

It’s safe to say that Cline and Stokes were more than just friends for a year. Page Six claims the couple’s breakup occurred in late 2021. Us Weekly cites an anonymous source saying the breakup occurred because of scheduling conflicts.

An insider revealed at the time, “They’ve been trying to work it out for quite some time but decided to go their separate ways was best.” “They both have busy schedules, which made it hard for them to spend a lot of time together. They have no bad feelings toward each other and remain friends.”

Stokes finally spoke up about Cline a full month after their split in November 2021. “She’s one of my favorite people on planet Earth. … It’s super awesome to work with somebody that you care about that much, and yeah, I’ll leave it at that.”

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Are Chase and Madelyn Back Together?

It has been speculated that the pair who met during the production of Outer Banks season one are back together. After Stokes uploaded a photo of the two of them holding hands, their fans began to wonder if the two were back together.

Stokes posted a photo of himself on Instagram with the phrase “welcome back” while he held Madelyn’s hand and a surfboard. Actor, age 29: “Welcome back, everybody!” he said to viewers on the night of the season opener.

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What Are Fans Saying About Chase and Madelyn?

Fans have taken to Twitter to speculate on the couple’s relationship status after seeing the photo of them holding hands. “HOLD ON MADELYN AND CHASE ARE BACK TOGETHER???” one person exclaimed.

A second supporter expressed concern that the couple were only playing with their audience. The other user wrote: “CHASE AND MADELYN YOU BETTER NOT BE F*****G WITH US!!” It’s unclear if Madelyn and Chase are back together, as neither has commented on the rumors.

Last Lines

The pair depicted by Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes on the sitcom OUTER Banks was a big hit with viewers. Actors on the set of Outer Banks were reportedly caught holding hands as filming began on Season 2.

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