2023 NFL Playoff Picture: Seahawks and Dolphins Slip In, Packers Out Following Week 18 Upset

Like every year, the final week of the NFL regular season was filled with high-stakes action. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers might have secured the NFL’s last playoff place with a win over the Lions on Sunday night, but Detroit pulled off a massive upset, 20-16, and the Packers will be watching the playoffs from home.

After a dramatic afternoon win kept their playoff chances alive, the Seahawks were rewarded with the seventh seed in the NFC by the Lions’ victory. The Seahawks were behind 16-13 with only three minutes left in regulation and facing elimination from postseason contention, but they forced overtime and won 19-16 on a game-winning ( goal by Jason Myers from 32 yards out.

2023 NFL Playoff Picture
2023 NFL Playoff Picture

The Dolphins were the greatest winners in the first round of games, as they stole the #7 spot in the AFC from the Patriots and so qualified for the playoffs. The Dolphins needed to beat the Jets and hope that the Patriots would lose to the Bills so that they could advance to the playoffs.

The Dolphins and Jets had a tough game, but the Dolphins prevailed 11-6 thanks to a field goal from 50 yards out made by Jason Sanders with only 18 seconds remaining (Miami also got a safety on the final play, which pushed it to 11 points). It had been 13 years since Miami’s last victory without a touchdown, but they did it against the Jets.

After the Bills defeated the Patriots 35-23, mostly due to two kickoff return touchdowns by Nyheim Hines, the Dolphins were assured of a postseason berth. If the Bills and the Chiefs wind up playing for the AFC title, then the game will be played at a neutral venue.

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When it comes to the wild-card round matchup between the Bengals and the Ravens, a coin flip will not be taking place. Due to the Bengals’ 27-16 victory against the Ravens in Week 10, the game between the two teams will be played in Cincinnati.

Last Lines

There was plenty of high-stakes action during the NFL‘s last week of the regular season, as there always is. If Aaron Rodgers and the Packers had beaten the Lions on Sunday night, they would have clinched the last playoff spot in the NFL. However, Detroit pulled off a major upset, 20-16, and the Packers will be watching the playoffs from home.

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