Gabby Petito’s Father Speaks Out About Missing Mother-of-three Ana Walshe

In a tweet, GABBY Petito’s father broke his silence on the disappearance of missing mother-of-three Ana Walshe. Walshe, a 39-year-old mother from Massachusetts, has been missing since January 1; her husband, Brian, has been detained after being accused of giving police several false information.

Earlier this week, Joseph Petito tweeted, “This story is so heartbreaking.”

When anxiously awaiting information about a missing loved one, Joseph is no stranger to pain. Before he discovered the awful news of his daughter’s passing, he waited in anguish for information about her whereabouts.

In 2021, Gabby vanished while traveling with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie. Laundrie was identified as a person of interest in the investigation after her body was found in Grand Teton National Park.

Later, his bones of Brian were found in Florida. JB Biunno tweeted an update on Ana Walshe’s situation, and Joseph Petito responded with a note.

“Investigators found trash bags with blood, a hatchet, a hack saw, a rug and used cleaning supplies at the Peabody transfer station, sources tell the I-Team,” Biunno’s tweet reads.

“WCVB reports the evidence will now be tested … An ominous update in the search for #AnaWalshe.” After Ana vanished from her Cohasset home, Cohasset police were seen looking behind an apartment in Swampscott, Massachusetts.

According to Boston 25, investigators have also claimed ownership of two 48-foot trash trailers in connection with the mom-of-frantic three’s hunt.

Authorities are searching for any belongings that Brian, 46, may have thrown away while abroad; sources told the publication. In connection with the investigation into the disappearance of international real estate executive Ana, Brian is accused of deceiving the authorities.

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Ana’s Mom Speaks Out

The mother of Ana, Milanka Ljubicic, who resides in Serbia, claimed that a week before her abduction on January 1, her daughter begged her to travel to the US to see her.

“Which means that clearly, there must have been some problems,” Milanka told Fox News on Monday.

The 69-year-old claimed that on December 25, Ana texted her and asked her to visit her in Washington, DC, the following day. “She texted in the evening, urging me to come the next day to Washington,” she recalled, adding that she would have needed more time to travel.

gabby petitos dad missing ana walshe
gabby petitos dad missing ana walshe


“I can’t get myself together in one day. I am 69 years old, I have to get my medications and a thousand other things,” Milanka explained from Belgrade. She claimed that Ana denied her invitation to visit her daughter on January 5 or 6, stating that she and her husband Brian had other plans for February.

“And now I can’t forgive myself for not just letting things fall where they may, and just go, and whatever happens to me, happens,” she said.

On December 31, Milanka reported that Ana called around midnight and again at one in the morning but missed both calls. According to her mother, Anna’s older sister or maid of honor did not answer the calls.

“And now, I regret not getting the phone because she’s disappeared,” Milanka said.

Petito Family Cases

The Laundry family and Utah police are the targets of various lawsuits in which Gabby’s parents are still involved.

According to a December 20 document, the family’s lawyer, Pat Reilly, recently asserted in court that Brian Laundrie’s mother had offered to lend him a shovel following Gabby’s sad passing in 2021.

According to the Laundrie family’s legal counsel, the conversation took place before the young couple’s departure on their cross-country road trip.

Reilly wrote to Matt Luka, who represents the Laundries, on December 5, questioning the documentation Brian’s parents ought to provide in a civil action.

The correspondence between the two lawyers was made public after Reilly entered it as an exhibit in a court document on December 20.

“This request certainly would also include the note that Roberta Laundrie wrote to Brian Laundrie, [in] which she offered to bring a shovel to help bury the body,” Reilly wrote.

“The FBI released the note to the custody of Mr. Bertolino on Friday, June 24, 2022.”

Reilly and Steve Bertolino, the Laundries’ longstanding legal counsel, met with FBI agents in Tampa on that particular day.

Investigators gave Bertolino access to several artifacts, including Brian’s scribbled confession, which was discovered at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, about ten minutes from his parents’ Northport home, next to his remains.

Both attorneys said additional papers were provided, including what Reilly claimed to be a letter with the subject line “burn after reading.”

“I don’t feel comfortable summarizing the letter,” Reilly told Fox News Digital at the time.

“The content is particular and best read when available. If my belief as to the time it was written is accurate, it shows that at least Roberta Laundrie knew of Gabby’s murder before Gabby’s body was located. The rest of the notebook contained letters to his family.”

He claimed that although the letter from Roberta Laundrie was undated, “the substance of the letter seems to imply that it was written after Gabby’s death.”

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Bertolino contends that the letter was written much earlier than Gabby’s passing.

“Attorney Reilly and his clients are entitled to allege what they want in court filings, but their allegations are not based on fact but on conjecture only,” he said.

“The letter was written before Brian and Gabby left Florida and has nothing to do with this case.” He claimed Reilly attempted to “further sensationalize” the case and “taking unrelated comments out of context.”

After the family’s wrongful death lawsuit was successful in November, the Laundrie estate paid Gabby’s parents $3 million.

In connection with Gabby’s passing, neither Christopher nor Roberta are being prosecuted.

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