What is Mackenzie Scott’s Age? Everything About Her Personal and Professional Life

An American author, philanthropist, and activist named MacKenzie Scott. Her status as the ex-wife of Forbes billionaire Jeff Bezos makes her most well-known in the media. According to reports, Scott is the third-richest lady in the country. Additionally, she was named one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes in 2021.

MacKenzie Scott’s Age And Early life

The full name of MacKenzie Scott is MacKenzie Scott Tuttle. The millionaire author was born in San Francisco, California, on April 7, 1970. By October 2022, she will be 52 years old. Scott completed his education at the Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Connecticut, in 1988.

She later relocated to Princeton University, earning her English Bachelor’s degree in 1992. MacKenzie Scott took multiple jobs during her stay at Princeton to pay for her tuition because her family was going through a severe financial crisis.

MacKenzie Scott’s Parents

Holiday Robin, née Cuming, and Jason Baker Tuttle gave birth to MacKenzie Scott (mother). Although Scott’s parents’ wedding date is uncertain, they have been married for over 50 years.

Before the late 1980s, MacKenzie Scott’s family was immensely wealthy and lived the Californian version of the American dream. However, things worsened when the SEC suspended Scott Tuttle’s father, financial advisor Jason Tuttle, for wasting clients’ money. The author’s family relocated to Florida to start over after this disaster. Scott’s parents reportedly reside in Palm Beach, Florida, at the moment.

About MacKenzie Scott’s father – Jason Baker Tuttle

Jason Tuttle, the father of MacKenzie Scott, used to be a financial planner. He owned a modest investment company in San Francisco called “The J. Baker Tuttle Corp.” But regrettably, the SEC blocked him in 1989 due to his inability to pay clients.

At the time, it was claimed that Jason Tuttle could not pay his clients because he had used their money to support his “lavish” lifestyle. Tuttle filed for bankruptcy two years before the incident and relocated to Florida with his family.

About MacKenzie Scott’s mother – Holiday Robin (née Cuming)

Holiday Robin, the mother of Mackenzie Scott, is a homemaker. The holiday is the daughter of former El Paso Natural Gas executive G. Scott Cuming. Due to her private nature, Scott’s mother’s information is now limited.

MacKenzie Scott’s siblings

Two of MacKenzie Scott’s younger brothers are her siblings. Chandler Tuttle and Jason Tuttle Junior are MacKenzie Scott’s brothers.

Jason Tuttle Jr

MacKenzie Scott’s younger brother through blood is Jason Tuttle Jr. Of the Tuttle siblings; he is the most private. There isn’t much online regarding Tuttle Jr. but his name.

Chandler Tuttle

MacKenzie Scott’s youngest brother is Chandler Tuttle. Chandler is a writer, just like MacKenzie. In addition, he directs. Scott’s brother has served as the Oslo Freedom Forum’s creative director since 2009.

About MacKenzie Scott’s profile

Full nameMacKenzie Scott Tuttle
Place of birth            San Francisco, California
Date of birthApril 7, 1970
Age52 years old
Marital statusDivorced
Husband N/A
Height   5″7 ft (1.72m)
Net worthest. $31.5 billion

How MacKenzie Scott started her career

In 1992, MacKenzie Scott began her work as a research associate at the New York City-based investment management company D. E. Shaw & Co. At the company, she met Jeff Bezos, the man she is currently divorcing. Scott and Jeff came to Seattle soon after getting married to launch an online bookstore (Amazon). Even though Bezos had the concept to launch Amazon, MacKenzie Scott actively assisted him by working in practically every division. She also put her writing career on wait to ensure the company was formed.

Mackenzie Scott Age
Mackenzie Scott Age

As Amazon grew and could support many people, MacKenzie took a sabbatical from her job there. The 52-year-old novelist decided to prioritize her writing profession and to parent her children. Scott published her debut book, “The Testing of Luther Albright,” in 2005. And eight years later, in 2013, she released “Traps,” another book.

MacKenzie Scott’s marriage and husbands

In October 2022, the time of this article’s publication, MacKenzie Scott was divorced and unmarried. The author had two divorces from previous marriages. After 25 years of marriage, she divorced Jeff Bezos, her first husband, whom she had married in 1993. Scott married Dan Jewett, a former high school teacher, around two years later (in 2021). Less than two years into their union, Scott and Jewett decided to divorce in 2022.

About MacKenzie Scott’s kids

Preston Bezos is the first child of MacKenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos. Preston was welcomed by the ex-couple in 2000, just over seven years after their wedding in 1993. By October 2022, Scott’s first child will be 22 years old. According to rumors, Preston attends Princeton University, the school his parents attended.

The wealthy novelist and her ex-husband Bezos keep much information about their children, particularly the younger ones, hidden. As a result, there isn’t much information in the media right now concerning them. However, a few years ago, they adopted their youngest kid and sole daughter from China. Her name is now unknown.

MacKenzie Scott’s net worth

Thanks to her 4% ownership in Amazon, MacKenzie Scott’s net worth is predicted to exceed $31.5 billion as of October 2022.

Fina lines

MacKenzie Scott’s full name is MacKenzie Scott Tuttle. The author, who made a million dollars, was born in San Francisco, California, on April 7, 1970. She will be 52 years old in October 2022.

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