Lee Ryan Net Worth After Bankruptcy… Listed As “Rich” Or “Poor”

English singer, songwriter, and actor Lee Ryan (born June 17, 1983) is best known as a member of the boy band Blue. Ryan competed in the dance competition Strictly Come Dancing on the BBC. With his professional dance partner Nadiya Bychkova, he was the second competitor to be eliminated on October 7, 2018.

Ryan’s first new single in nine years, titled “Ghost,” was released in 2019 and he also appeared on E4’s Celebs Go Dating this year. After the success of “Mockingbirds,” Ryan followed it up in 2020 with “Swayed,” another solo song. Ryan and Blue got back together in 2011, and by 2022, they had released two singles, “Haven’t Found You Yet” and “Dance with Me,” off their sixth studio album, Heart & Soul.

Lee Ryan Net Worth
Lee Ryan Net Worth

What Is the Net Worth of Lee Ryan?

English singer-songwriter and actor Lee Ryan has a $1000 fortune. Among the English youth, he is most known for his time spent with the band Blue. After being fined and barred from driving for 12 months for a motoring offense, Lee Ryan recently informed a judge that he had “no money.”

On August 8, 2020, the Blue singer’s Mercedes was caught speeding on Fletton Parkway in Peterborough, where the speed limit was 60 miles per hour. On August 22, it was spotted traveling the same route at 71mph. Lee attended yesterday’s court via video connection when he was found guilty of failing to identify the driver of his white Mercedes vehicle and fined £1,501.

But the celebrity said he had exhausted his resources because of the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on the entertainment industry. Where did Blue star’s money disappear to, then? “I haven’t got anything,” he said during sentencing. “I haven’t got that money. I just don’t have any money. I’m not working. They stopped the gigs so I don’t have any. They’ve stopped everything because of the pandemic.”

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How Did Lee Ryan Go Bankrupt?

Members of the band discussed the reasons for the group’s ‘bankruptcy’ back in 2017. They maintained that the funds were used for legitimate company expenses rather than extravagant parties.

Simon said: “When you hear the word, ‘bankruptcy’, you have this idea you have no money, but we chose to go down that route for business purposes. We’re still here.” Duncan interjected: “There was lots of press around it at the time, claiming we wasted our money, and didn’t invest wisely, but that’s not the case. We were sued by management who tried to screw us over big time, so we liquidated the company. They went after each one of us at a time.”

After Duncan in 2013 and Simon a few months later, Lee was the final member to declare bankruptcy in 2015. Antony’s financial woes continued after the band’s first separation in 2004, culminating in the May 2013 administration of the band’s business, Blueworld Ltd Lee acknowledged in 2018 that he went bankrupt because he invested all his money in tax-evasion methods.

The Blue singer told The Daily Star: “I put my money in one of those fabled tax avoidance schemes, which I was assured was a great idea. Instead my tax bill went through the roof and that was it. If I’d known then what I know now, I would have run a mile from it. Hindsight is a beautiful thing.”

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Last Lines

Lee Ryan, an English musician, and actor is worth a cool thousand bucks. The younger generation in England knows him best from his stint with the band Blue. Lee Ryan recently told a judge that he had “no money” after receiving a fine and a 12-month driving ban for a traffic infringement.

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