What Really Happened to Waffler69… He Died, but How?

Many streamers, influencers, and content creators are lucky enough to make a living doing things that many of us enjoy doing on a regular basis.

Many of them play video games, some get to show off clothes or other fashion-related items, and some can even get more attention online by sleeping. But if there’s one thing that many of us would love to be known for, it’s eating a lot of junk food and interesting snacks. For Waffler69 that was his career.

Waffler69 was a popular TikToker who ate some of the strangest meals and snacks you could find. He did this in the same way that YouTube channels like Epic Meal Time and Binging with Babish did.

Waffler69 has made a name for himself as a food influencer. His posts have more than 1.6 million followers and 32.8 million likes. But recently, it was said that Waffler69 had died at the age of 33. Where did the TikToker go?

Who is This Waffler69? Here’s Tiktoker’s Career Before His Death

Waffler69 was a popular TikTok content creator who had a huge number of fans. His posts were mostly about him finding and eating the strangest snacks and fast food he could find.

His taste tests include, among other things, a highly sought-after giant Fruit Loop, corn dogs with Asian-inspired spices, and even boxes of old and rare promotional cereal. Some of his most popular videos were ones where he compared the same food from different fast-food restaurants.

Have a look at:

In most of his TikToks, he talks about how the food tastes in real time, almost like he’s writing reviews for people who want to try these treats for themselves. His TikTokers are full of nice comments, and many people like what Waffler69 has to say about these meals.

Waffler69 was also active on other social media sites like Instagram and YouTube, but TikTok was by far his most popular platform. He was also on Cameo and sold items with a theme.

Waffler69 Died in Early January 2023

On Jan. 12, early in the morning, a recent TikTok revealed that Waffler69 had died. His brother, who goes by @claydorm on TikTok and has appeared in many of Waffler69’s videos, has confirmed this.

He said that Waffler69, whose real name was Taylor, died on January 11 at 10 p.m. Waffler69 is said to have had a heart attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. He died about “an hour [and a] half later.”

After giving some details, @claydorm asked his fans to keep watching his videos to “keep his legacy alive.” He said that Waffler69 “loved to make people happy,” and he hopes that his videos still make people happy.

In the comments section of many of Waffler69’s most recent TikToks, fans are now writing their condolences. Follow us only on Lee Daily for more news like this.

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