Who is Elena Arenas? Meet Olivia Dunne’s Gymnast Best Friend!

Along with Olivia Dunne from the same team, elite gymnast Elena Arenas is rising. In addition to being “inseparable” closest friends, the pair also dominates the gymnastics scene.

As best friends who recently traveled to Salt Lake City together to compete on behalf of their LSU college gymnastics team, Dunne and Arenas are never far from one another. Now that Elena Arenas is getting ready to fight, let’s learn more about her.

Who is Elena Arenas?

Gymnast Elena Makenzie Arenas, age 21, was born in Georgia on August 31, 2001. Elena is a business major in her junior year at Louisiana State University and a member of the LSU gymnastics team. She previously received her training at Georgia Elite Gymnastics. She is the youngest child of Pete and Kim Arenas and has three siblings named Isabel, Ava, and Alex.

Elena is from a sports family; her dad, Pete, played baseball in college. While Elena’s mother was a well-known gymnast who won two consecutive NCAA full-national championships. Elena participated for Team USA in the American Classic in 2017, following in her mother’s footsteps by winning the All-Around event.

The gymnast achieved a personal best with an exceptional score of 9.5 in the SEC vault. According to her records, she also has personal bests of 9.95 on the vault, 9.875 on floorwork, and 9.825 on the beam. Her incredible Yurchenko Full score of 9.95 earned her the SEC Championships.

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LSU calls the committed athlete an “excellent all-around gymnast.” She is dedicated to her studies as seen by the First-Year SEC Academic Honor Roll award she won in 2021 and the SEC Academic Honor Roll award she received in 2022.

Is Elena Arenas in a Relationship?

Yes, Elena and pitcher Garrett Edwards from LSU is now in courtship. Edwards, who is from Louisiana, is currently a junior. She just shared a photo of the two for his birthday on Instagram. She wished “my person” a happy birthday in the caption. Here’s to 21! Celebrating you is so simple.

Who is Elena Arenas
Who is Elena Arenas

“Thanks very much,” Garrett said in response. I adore you. When it came to her 21st birthday, he also paid it forward by sharing the heartfelt picture below.

The Mother of Elena Arenas Was Also a Gymnast

Elena’s mother, Kim, was a star athlete who won two consecutive NCAA full-national championships. In 2017, Elena Arenas participated for Team USA in the American Classic and won the All-Around competition.

Top Results, Medals, and Titles Achieved by Elena Arenas

According to LSU, she is a “totally amazing gymnast.” With a score of 9.5, Elena earned a personal best in the SEC vault. She also achieved career-high scores of 9.95 on the vault, 9.875 on the floor, and 9.825 on the beam.

Meet Olivia Dunne’s Gymnast Best Friend on Instagram

The Instagram accounts of Olivia Dunne and Elena Arenas are frequently shared, and the pair has a sizable online fan base. Let’s check out a few of Elena’s Instagram photos.


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