U.S. Man Killed When He Leaped Upon Train Tracks To Answer Cell Phone

It was reported in the New York Post that an American man was murdered by a subway train after he ran into the tracks to recover his phone. The Sunday event occurred at a subway stop in Queens.

The source reported that the 46-year-old man was standing on the platform at the Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue station when he accidentally dropped his cellphone over the rails at around 11:30 p.m.

According to the authorities, the man saw the phone and ran across the tracks to get it, but he was unable to return to the platform in time. According to the police, the sad situation occurred because the northbound F train was travelling at high speed past the station.

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At the site, the man’s death was officially confirmed. The authorities are currently working to notify the man’s loved ones of his whereabouts without disclosing his identity. Another man was discovered dead on an L train in Brooklyn in a situation very similar to this one.

U.S. Man Killed When He Leaped Upon Train Tracks To Answer Cell Phone
U.S. Man Killed When He Leaped Upon Train Tracks To Answer Cell Phone

Recent studies shows, the man’s body was discovered in an upright position on a bench inside the subway car. The organization has started looking into the matter. A 22-year-old New York lady was killed after she was hit by a train a few days ago.

She passed out and fell on the tracks, which led to the event. Helen Chen, an intern at Lazard, worked there supposedly, as reported by The Daily Beast. She’d been out with the gang and was heading back to the office.

Lazard is devastated about the tragic death of our colleague. The loss of someone so early in life is unimaginable” a corporate spokeswoman said such, at least, according to the report. This individual was a student at Stern School of Business at New York University, and they were originally from Burbank, California.

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