At Dior Paris Fashion Week Show Robert Pattinson Looks Stylish in a Tweed Skirt

Robert Pattinson is beginning to take risks. Consider his March 2022 GQ cover as an example. He used peroxide to color his hair blonde. A set of grills were fastened to his teeth. He performed his duties in suits with lime and satsuma paint.

Then, in the spirit of the Dark Knight, we saw him wearing huge coats that completely hid his lean physique. He even made a case for XXL cargo shorts. Yes, not entirely out of the ordinary, but not the kind of stuff you’d anticipate from one of the most in-demand performers in the world.

The British celebrity has now raised the bar. He attracted the attention of fashion editors, TikTokers, and the wealthiest residents of the 16th arrondissement when he showed up at the Dior show in Paris (he is the face of the company). He wore a fuzzy, chocolate-brown fleece and a blue tweed swishy skirt.

An outfit, you say? It was, to be honest, one of his craziest outfits to date, consisting of shorts and a skirt front (call it a skort, whatever).

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Even though R-Patz is wearing a skirt for the first time, he is not the first male celebrity to master the historically connected womenswear item that exposes the lower leg.

Kurt Cobain popularized the trend in the 1990s, Vin Diesel wore a leather skirt at the 2003 MTV Europe Music Awards in Edinburgh (yeah, tough guys wear dresses too), and Gerard Butler has been seen donning them on multiple occasions and in a variety of styles, including pleated, leather, and tartan.

At Dior Paris Fashion Week Show Robert Pattinson Looks Stylish in a Tweed Skirt
At Dior Paris, Fashion Week Show, Robert Pattinson Looks Stylish in a Tweed Skirt

However, Pattinson’s skirt-flipping action is representative of a new generation of masculine guys coming to terms with their more feminine aspects, ushering in a new era for the man skirt. One of those men, Pete Davidson, wore one to the Met Gala. A$AP Givenchy provides Rocky with his.

While Kid Cudi made headlines when he showed up to a New York City gallery event wearing a black chiffon skirt, Oscar Isaac is an enthusiast for a pleated Thom Browne ensemble. One user joked homophobically, “Come out already.”

Despite the slurs, the skirt speaks to many more males for reasons unrelated to their s*exuality. It’s a new standard rather than a negation of queerness. Think of it as unis*ex equality. Think of it as nearly commonplace! Consider the men’s Autumn/Winter 2023 fashion shows now in Europe. Skirts are a common theme.

When Martine Rose guest-closed Pitti Uomo with a catwalk collection bursting with men in denim, and floor-length skirts, she started the ball rolling.

Etro’s man preferred long tartan skirts with oversized rugby shirts, while Gucci (pushing dresses and gowns for men since 2015) featured side-split skirts with polo shirts. British designer Charles Jeffrey Loverboy sent male models wearing tartan kilts, and wraparound felt skirts.

Pattinson’s skirt is a replica of a garment worn on the Dior catwalk. Kim Jones, the messianic creative director of Dior Men’s, sent more than 10 of his models down the runway wearing skirts that reached their calf. The fact that Pattinson is wearing a skirt isn’t as controversial as you may assume.

The Batman actor looked chic in brown and gray, with a fuzzy fleece-texture zipper jacket over a turtleneck in the same shade. Please tell us what you think in the section below. Follow us only on Lee Daily for more news like this.


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