The Passing of New York City Model Jeremy Ruehlemann was Confirmed by a Childhood Friend

They first met when they were both 15 years old. Ruehlemann was a well-known model who was signed to agencies all over the world. Right now, he has over 71,000 people following him on Instagram. His most recent major public appearance was in September, during New York Fashion Week, where he presented the Spring/Summer 2023 collection for Atelier Cillian.

Jeremy Ruehlemann’s Death was Announced by a Childhood Buddy

On Facebook, Gianni Simpson said he was “trying to gather” his thoughts and “what even to say” after learning of the death of Jeremy Ruehlemann, a boyhood buddy. Simpson doesn’t specify who was older at the time of their first meeting, although they were both likely in their early twenties.

“We bonded over feeling like our parents couldn’t deal with us as trouble teenagers,” he writes, “and sent us both away for four weeks to OTC.” Odyssey Teen Camp abbreviated as OTC. It’s a group that puts on summer camps in Massachusetts for young people. Gianni claims in his writing that he and Jeremy were inseparable throughout their entire stay of four weeks.

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jeremy ruehlemann death
jeremy ruehlemann death

They bonded over music, sports, fashion and tattoos: “What Gianni liked, Jerm liked, and what Jerm liked, Gianni liked.” He ends his Facebook eulogy with, “I love you forever,”  “And the news of hearing you gone really broke my heart. You’ll forever be in my heart.”

What have Others said About the News?

Until an official statement is made by Jeremy Ruehlemann’s family(as per reports), Simpson’s social media post is the only available information. Others who attended the same OTC program have been reaching out to see how Ruehlemann is doing and praying for him in response.

One comment that they were “so pure and innocent” 10 or so years ago. “I am so sorry to hear your lost your dearest friend,” another writes, “I know this pain. Reach out if you need to.” A third person comments, “This is a beautiful tribute,”  “What a crew in that photo! Loved you all. You were all such amazing teens and it’s such heartbreaking news. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

Tributes are Coming in Thick and Fast on Instagram Too

Friends and fans of Jeremy Ruehlemann, who passed away two days ago, have been leaving sad heart emojis and sentiments of “RIP” on his most recent Instagram post in the wake of his death. “Rest in peace Jeremy,” writes one. “I will never forget you and your kind heart.”

“Far too young,” says another. “He had only just begun his life… Very sad.” Many others express their happiness for him, saying that they have enjoyed knowing Ruehlemann. They also have a tattoo on their arm paying honour to him, done by a tattoo artist in New York who goes under the name “Ette.” When referring to Ruehlemann, they use the term “twin.”

jeremy ruehlemann death
jeremy ruehlemann death

How old was Jeremy Ruehlemann at the time of Death?

Maybe 26 or maybe 27. GQ included 24-year-old Ruehlemann in their “being whoever you want” feature in August 2019, alongside other young models. At the time of his alleged death, he would have been 26 or 27 years old.

Mahwah, New Jersey was his hometown at the time. In an interview at the time, he was cited as noting that, for him, modeling “isn’t about being pretty.” It’s more about the fun of reinventing oneself for a role:  “I like when people make me look different. Looking handsome is boring to me at this point in my modeling career, you know?”

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