A Woman from Fargo Wins $10,000 Publishers Clearing House Award

Publishers Clearing House knocked on the door of a south Fargo couple late on Thursday, February 16. North Dakota was the final of the lower 48 states that the Publishers Clearing House team had visited before landing there for the first time. Before going to surprise the big winner, they made a brief stop at Osgood Hornbacher’s in south Fargo to purchase roses.

Howie Guja of Publishers Clearing House said, “So she’s entered a lot.

Guja responded, “No, she has no idea she won $10,000.

The Publishers Clearing House team eventually discovered the winner’s house after navigating through south Fargo neighborhoods.

“You never know what you are walking into with this job,” Guja said.

“The Prize Patrol is in Fargo, North Dakota, to surprise Wendy Folkestad with $10,000. She won the weekly grand prize. Let’s go see if she’s home,” At a social media appearance, Guja said.

The main surprise was about to be revealed after a brisk wintertime trek to the front door. in a variety of ways.

“I hope this is good,” said Wendy Folkestad’s husband Tom Folkestad.

“We’re looking for Wendy,” Guja said.

“She is at work right now,” Tom Folkestad said.

“I am Howie, you probably figured out where I am from,” Guja said.

“Probably from Publishers Clearing House,” Tom Folkestad said.

“Bingo,” Guja said.

Woman from Fargo Wins $10,000 Publishers Clearing House Award
A woman from Fargo Wins $10,000 Publishers Clearing House Award

Tom Folkestad says that he and Wendy can now take their long-awaited river tour. Since Wendy Folkestad was the intended recipient of the payment, a trip to Moorhead was necessary. Tom Folkestad visited the Moorhead office of Wendy Folkestad’s employer, Clay County Social Services.

While entering the foyer, Wendy Folkestad had no idea what was going to take place.

“What’s happening? I don’t want to have a heart attack,” Wendy Folkestad said.

“You won $10,000 from Publishers Clearing House,” Guja said.

“I’m shaking. (…) This is fantastic. I’ve dreamed about this,” Wendy Folkstad said.

What a great way to round off the week with champagne, flowers, and cash so they can finally get ready for their trip to Europe.

“Thank you so much,” Wendy Folkstad said to the crew.

“Dreams can come true, you guys,” Wendy Folkstad said.

Established in 1953 via mail-order subscriptions delivered door-to-door, PCH is now marking its 70th year in business. Three times a year, the corporation gives out awards ranging from $1 million to $10 million.

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