Why Did Miley Cyrus Go Crazy? Is Her Explanation True, or Just Revisionist History?

Why Did Miley Cyrus Go Crazy? Seven years ago, some Disney fans were shocked and dismayed to see Miley Cyrus go from Disney princess to full-fledged pop star and actress. By this time, we’d seen several former Disney stars who’d gone on to do more serious things. Cyrus has raised the entertainment industry temperature well into the red, leaving his rivals in the dust. Even if it alienated some people at the time, it won over new ones.

An older and more accomplished Miley Cyrus has emerged in recent years. Many of her former admirers who abandoned her at the time have come back to her. What caused her to suddenly stop being so defiant? What she has to say about it is worth hearing. In this article, we are going to read about Why Did Miley Cyrus Go Crazy?

Miley Cyrus Says Her Wild Antics Were by Design

Cyrus thinks there was a method to her wildness when she first began making provocative videos, performing on stage, and using cannabis openly. At the time it occurred, there was already a pattern of engaging in contentious behavior for the sake of notoriety. No one seems able to raise the bar in 2013 without upsetting their existing fan base. We can’t deny that Cyrus irritated some people; his impact may have been more than we realized.

However, many people in her target audience, as well as the media, lapped it up. Recent media attention has given her free rein to discuss whatever topic she likes. Her appearance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards was the apex of her erratic persona. Legend has it that she did some infamous twerking on Robin Thicke using a large foam finger. If you were a conservative supporter of hers, this was the end of days. Cyrus saw it as an opportunity to call attention to a topic she felt strongly about. Scroll down for Why Did Miley Cyrus Go Crazy?

Is Cyrus’s Explanation True, or Just Revisionist History?

Perhaps Cyrus is regretful of the flamboyant and sexually suggestive behavior she exhibited around the turn of the millennium. Many risk-taking creatives later come to regret the decisions they made in their youth. No one can claim Cyrus has entirely matured because she still occasionally makes and speaks shocking statements. It’s debatable whether or not she tried those things to draw greater attention to her most vital concerns.

Why Did Miley Cyrus Go Crazy
Why Did Miley Cyrus Go Crazy

No one can claim that Cyrus wasn’t getting a lot of attention while still at Disney. The success of Hannah Montana propelled her to fame and wealth at the time. Meanwhile, she may have been missing out on the adults who pull weight when it comes to charitable giving. Perhaps Cyrus was correct in thinking that grownups, even those who disapproved of her choices, would take notice if she acted like a wild adult star.

Cyrus Probably Matured Organically

Cyrus’s transformation from a free-spirited teen to a worldly artist may have been inevitable, given her success in drawing attention to subjects like LGBT rights and humanitarianism. She didn’t have to do anything drastic to be taken seriously after she established herself as a top-tier musical artist whose work is instantly recognizable. In addition, she’s experienced several experiences that have taught her to take life more seriously.

She got real about many things, including her marriage to Liam Hemsworth, after she lost her house in the Malibu fires last year. Someone who has experienced a great loss may say that they no longer like living dangerously. As Cyrus continues to dominate the music industry almost as much as Taylor Swift, it’s unclear whether this will permanently rein her in.

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