Who is the Gun Devil in Chainsaw Man? Has He Featured in the Anime Show Yet?

Who is the Gun Devil in Chainsaw Man? We examine the Devil and talk about what it might imply for the remaining seasons of the anime series.

In Chainsaw Man, it seems like a new devil appears every week. There are so many that it may occasionally seem challenging to keep up. While certain devils are undoubtedly more significant than others, the most terrible ones have a long-lasting impact on both viewers and series characters. Finding the Gun Devil, who many characters appear to want to be killed, has been the main focus of the last few episodes. But who exactly is this enigmatic demon, and why is he so important?

Why is the Gun Devil important in Chainsaw Man?

The Gun Devil is an essential character in Chainsaw Man for several reasons, the most notable being that he serves as the series’ upcoming Gun Devil Arc’s primary nemesis.

But before the Gun Demon Arc, we discover that this specific Devil was responsible for a lot of mayhem and destruction. His main reason for joining Public Safety is to exact revenge on the Gun Devil for murdering Aki’s family in a terrorist attack.

Makima also requests Denji to kill the Gun Devil for her in exchange for granting him whatever wish he desires. This Devil has already established himself as someone to be feared throughout the series before we even meet him.

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Who is Gun Devil in Chainsaw Man?

The Gun Devil, a very potent devil in Chainsaw Man, is wanted for carrying out terrorist acts all around the world thirteen years before the start of the series.

He initially appeared as people’s fear of gun violence surged, along with increased gun sales to combat devil attacks. The Gun Devil is alleged to have killed almost 1.2 million people worldwide in less than five minutes. He is claimed to have increased human fear of demons and given all monsters an increase in power.

Who is the Gun Devil
Who is the Gun Devil

Overview of Gun Devil

The Gun Devil first appears in the manga in chapter 75. However, his first mention appears in chapter 12. He represents the dread of guns because he is a Gun Devil. He continues to be a minor enemy in the Public Safety arc but grows significantly in the Gun Devil arc.

Regarding his appearance, Gun Devil is a behemoth with numerous firearms strapped to his torso. His hands hold assault rifles like the AK-47, M16A1, MK18, and several more, while his head is an M1911 barrel. He has many additional firearms strapped to his back. Gun Devil has six large ammo belts that hang through his torso in place of his legs.

Turning Into Gun Fiend

We saw how the remains of Gun Devil are connected in Chainsaw Man’s sixth episode. Most of his body is dismembered during the Gun Devil Arc, and the fragments are now in possession of other nations. Makima cannot defeat him, and his remnants take control of Aki Hayakawa, transforming her into Gun Fiend.

Aki’s forehead develops veins that run down to his eyes in his Gun Fiend form, and the skin around his eyes turns black. His forearm grew an M16A1, and the barrel of an M1911 grew on his skull. Denji and Gun Fiend fight, with the latter’s demise.

Gun Devil Powers And Abilities

Gun Devil is speedy; in just five minutes, it can kill 1.2 million people across several nations. His body burns while he runs, which is another indicator of his speed. That explains why his works are so widely dispersed. Gun Devil, constructed from gun parts, is adamant and can easily fend off assaults from Denji’s chainsaw.

Gun Devil can shoot simultaneously from numerous firearms, but his accuracy makes him even more lethal. In a 1000-meter radius, he formerly could blast bullets into the heads of every adult male. In another incident, he could fire shots into the heads of children under 12 within a 1500-meter radius. His body’s small fragments attract one another as he regenerates, and when the chunk grows large, it is drawn toward the main body.

Why is Gun Devil so powerful?

A firearm Because so many people fears the Devil. He is strong. The dread of people is the primary source of power for devils. The Devil grows more potent the more terrified people are of the notion of the item he represents, in this case, weapons.

The Gun Devil only got more powerful as gun phobia spread like wildfire worldwide until he could carry out a major terrorist strike. As more people feared the Gun Devil and devils in general as a result of the attack, he would have grown even more muscular.

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Has Gun Devil been featured in the Anime Show Chainsaw Man yet?

The Gun Devil has not yet appeared in Chainsaw Man, an anime series, as of episode 6. But throughout the series, the Gun Devil is referred to frequently, and we have witnessed the fallout from his terrorist strikes in flashbacks. No one in the series has seen the Gun Devil in years, so viewers have yet to witness him in action or even catch a glance at his design.

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