Blue Lock Episode 13 Release Date: What Happened Previously on the Show?

Blue Lock Episode 13 Release Date: What day and hour will episode 13 (season 1 part 2) be available globally for OTT streaming while Blue Lock season 2 is still TBA? Even though the last few weeks of any anime broadcasting schedule can be inspiring for fans, it can also be a period of loss and worry about the future of some shows.

We shall see all focus on the future shortly after the last episodes’ credits have rolled. The Blue Lock series’ international fan base may exhale with relief knowing that there will be plenty more material.

Fans are now interested in learning what day and time season 1 part 2, which will premiere with episode 13, will be available for global OTT streaming while season 2 is still TBA.

Blue Lock Episode 13 Release Date

The premiere of episode 13 of Blue Lock season 1 part 2 is on Saturday, January 7. Crunchyroll has announced the following international times for the release of Blue Lock anime episode 13 for OTT streaming:

  • Pacific Time – 11 AM
  • Eastern Time – 2 PM
  • British Time – 7 PM
  • European Time – 8 PM
  • India Time – 12:30 AM
  • Philippine Time – 3 AM
  • Australia Central Daylight Time – 5:30 AM

New episodes from the English dub also via Crunchyroll every Saturday at 1:15 PM PT/4:15 PM ET/9:15 PM GMT. “The third stage of the “Rivalry Battle,” a secondary selection in which teams of three battle it out, and if they win, they take players from the other team to win.

Jie, Hachiraku, and Nagi teamed up to fight against the top 3 players of the new Blue Rock ranking led by Rin. Jie feels her team’s growth by taking the first victory. However, Rin’s shot changes the atmosphere on the field, and Kiyoshi and his teammates see the difference in ability between them and the top 3.” Episode 13 Story.

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Blue Lock will be an anime series broadcast over two consecutive seasons with 24 episodes in season 1, according to information from the Japanese publication Comic Natalie before the show’s October release.

Winter (January through March), Spring (April through June), Summer (July through September), and Fall (October through December) make up a cour (October – December). This indicates that the first season of Blue Lock will air over two separate three-month periods beginning in October 2022 and continuing until March 2023.

Blue Lock Episode 13 Release Date
Blue Lock Episode 13 Release Date

This has since been confirmed by the official Blue Lock season 1 Blu-ray DVD listings. In Japan, four volumes with six anime episodes each are scheduled for release in 2023; volume 1 will come out in January, followed by volumes 2 and 3 in March, May, and July.

Blue Lock Season 2 Renewal Status Explained

As previously mentioned, Blue Lock has not yet received a public season 2 renewal. Thus even if season 1 is still ongoing, viewers can still anticipate further broadcasts of the anime following the release of episode 24. This is because anime renewals frequently depend on the accessibility of the original light novel or manga series’ source material and the success of the larger franchise.

Fortunately, Blue Lock offers plenty of both. It is anticipated that Episode 24 (which is scheduled to debut in March 2023) will adapt through Volume 11 of the original Blue Lock manga series, presuming that Part 2 keeps its current pace. The good news is that 22 volumes have been released in Japan as of December 2022.

This implies that after Blue Locks season 1, there will probably be enough manga source material to launch season 2 immediately. Another good news is that Studio 8bit will likely develop a second season of the Blue Lock anime if it proves successful. Blue Lock is now rating an excellent 8.26/10 on MyAnimeList, 8.5/10 on IMDB, 80% on Analyst, and 4.3/5 on Anime-Planet before the part one finale.

Intriguingly, this places Blue Lock as the third-highest-rated Studio 8bit production, just behind TenSura, and the eighth-highest-rated anime from the Fall schedule on MAL.

“To be the best. You have to work the best, train the best, eat, and sleep the best. Sometimes, it even takes extreme measures to find the best out of someone. Even if what is presented wouldn’t be called Football to you. To some, football may be a sport, but it’s an earnest business for many people. People eat, sleep, and dream of football. People travel endless miles to different countries, no matter the cost, to watch their team perform. It may be a sport, but it’s a lifestyle for so many, to even many nations, who want to grasp it by the horns and be the best in the world. This is Blue Lock.” – User review via MAL.

Finally, with more than 12 million copies in circulation, the animation significantly increased manga sales (assisted by the FIFA World Cup coverage). Overall, the season 2 renewal of Blue Lock should only be a matter of time; however, we might have to wait until after the season 1 finale airs in March 2023 for official word.

Blue Lock Episode 12 Recap

The first stage of the second selection requires each participant to score 100 goals in 90 minutes. Isagi completes the scene by making adjustments and progressing each time the goals’ difficulty level rises. He eventually tweaks the method he uses to score goals. He enters the room for the second stage, where they must form a team of three after passing the first level.

Isagi and Bachira arrive simultaneously, collaborating and deciding on the third person. Isagi and Reo decide to wait for Chigiri or Kunigami, but Nagi unexpectedly invites Isagi to join his team. Isagi rejects it because he prefers to work with Bachira in a group. Then, to Reo’s surprise, Nagi volunteers to join their team.

After hearing his justification, Reo grudgingly allows Nagi to play with Isagi and Bachira. Chigiri and Kunigami collaborate in the meanwhile. The third stage will feature three-on-three combat, according to Ego. The victorious team will then pick a member of the losing team to form a four-person team.

They must pass the fifth stage with a team of five to move on to the second selection. The players can pick anybody they want to compete against. New Blue Lock ranks are displayed. The rankings for Isagi, Bachira, and Nagi are 15th and 16th, respectively. In the lobby, they run into Itoshi Rin, Aryu, and Tokimitsu. Isagi takes a chance and challenges the top three to a match.

Blue Lock Trailer

You can watch the Blue Lock trailer below:

Last Lines

In October 2022, we finally saw how the interesting new football manga Blue Lock turned into an anime. In this article, we chose to discuss how great Blue Lock Behind The Voice Actors is. Stay tuned with us on for more latest updates.

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