Mac Jones of the New England Patriots Has Requested a Trade

The phrase “rumor” appears first since it’s possible that this isn’t a hot take but rather hot rubbish. Even if it’s only a rumor, given that this is Patriots Nation, it’s probably worth keeping an eye on.

Mac Jones of the New England Patriots Has Requested a Trade
Mac Jones of the New England Patriots Has Requested a Trade

Mac Jones Trade Rumors

A guy called Simon Charles, whose Twitter account says “Esteemed sports journalist & Patriots Beat Writer Double Ph.D. in Journalism & Female Anatomy”), tweeted yesterday night that Mac Jones had asked to be traded.

Simon tweets that his sources tell him Mac is “extremely angry” with the coaching staff and “doesn’t feel any support from the fan base,” presumably because fans have booed him off the field and substituted backup quarterback Bailey Zappe all season.

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False Rumors About Mac Jones?

Here’s the problem, though, and the reason I cautioned at the outset is that this could be nothing more than a heated take on nothing. First of all, there is no hard evidence that Mac Jones has requested a trade; a Google search for “Mac Jones seeks trade” only returns stories from publications like Sports Illustrated and USA Today discussing whether or not Mac should request a trade or if the Patriots should shop Mac.

It’s also important to think about where the information came from. I mean, really, Simon, do you have to include in your profile that you’re an “esteemed sports journalist” And I won’t even begin to discuss his purported doctorate in female anatomy. There is probably no truth to these reports, and everything is great. We know the Patriots let rid of offensive coordinator Matt Patricia because this Simon guy “reported” it a few days ago.

Both Simon’s Mac Jones Tweet and the ongoing Mac Jones/Bailey Zappe discussion that has persisted ever since Zappe filled in for Mac earlier this season have contributed to this topic’s prominence in the minds of Patriots fans at the moment.

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Last Lines

This could not be a hot take at all, but rather hot garbage, which is why the word “rumor” comes first. It’s worth keeping a watch on, even if it is only a rumor because we are in Patriots Country.

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