Who is FaZe Temperrr? His Boxing Record!

After Dillon Danis backed out of the fight a week before it was set to take place, KSI has found a replacement boxer. On January 14 at Wembley Arena, the YouTuber will fight FaZe Temperrr as part of the Misfits boxing programme.

When Temperrr faced KSI, he was originally scheduled to fight on the undercard. Who exactly is FaZe Temperrrr, and what sort of record does he have as a boxer? Learn all about KSI’s new rival right here!

Who is FaZe Temperrr?

Brazilian internet celebrity FaZe Temperrrr has a large following on social media platforms. Like KSI, the YouTuber was born on August 25, 1993, making them both 29 years old. After growing up in Brazil, he eventually made his way to New York. As part of his job, he also frequently visits other parts of the world.

Who is FaZe Temperrr
Who is FaZe Temperrr

Thomas Oliveira is Temperrr’s true identity. A group devoted to both esports and entertainment, FaZe Clan was created by him and his colleagues a few years ago. Over 8 million people have subscribed to his channel, which is also named after the group.

Oliveira used to share videos he made with his pals on a secret YouTube channel in the beginning. In addition to Adapt, Astro, and Banks, FaZe Clan now includes a slew of other influential gamers.

Emma Smith and Temperrr are engaged and planning their wedding. In front of Christ the Redeemer, the two exchanged vows last November. It was announced on Instagram, and KSI was quick to congratulate the newlyweds with “Congrats man.”

FaZe Temperrr’s Boxing Record

The YouTube gamer is 2-1 in previous bouts against opponents outside of YouTube. His first professional bout was against King Kenny, and while being ruled the loser at first, he eventually won on a re-score. After the fight, he appealed the decision to the boxing commission, who eventually ruled in his favour.

On the undercard of KSI’s ‘Two Fights, One Night’ event in August 2022, he faced up against YouTuber Slim Albaher for the second time. He was eliminated from the competition, nevertheless. A fight versus Overtflow occurred in the month of November, and he won by knockout.

It’s clear that Temperrr towers over KSI, who measures in at a more modest 178.4 cm in height, thanks to his imposing 185 cm stature. He weighs less than KSI, though. The English MC is 87.6 kg heavier than Temperrr, who is only 80 kg.

Who is FaZe Temperrr
Who is FaZe Temperrr

KSI and Temperrr will Face Each Other on January 14

On Saturday, January 14, at 10:30 p.m., two YouTubers will compete in a six-round light-heavyweight bout. The fight is scheduled for London’s OVO Arena in Wembley. A few hours after Dillon Danis withdrew from the bout, Temperrr was named as his replacement.

With another win in the next match, KSI will try to extend his winning streak. His previous two victories came on the same night in August 2022, against Swartz and Luis Alcarez Pineda. He had been on indefinite leave since Logan Paul knocked him off his game in early 2019.

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