Robbie Bachman’s Cause of Death: Bachman-turner Overdrive Drummer Died at 69

The brother who made the beats for Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s hits “Takin’ Care of Business” and “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” in the 1970s has passed away. Bachman’s death at age 69 was announced by his brother and bandmate Randy Bachman. No cause of death was given right away.

“Another sad departure. The pounding beat behind BTO, my little brother Robbie has joined Mum, Dad & brother Gary on the other side,” he posted. “Maybe Jeff Beck needs a drummer! He was an integral cog in our rock ‘n’ roll machine and we rocked the world together.”

Randy Bachman, a singer and guitarist, left the Guess Who in 1970 and started a new band with his brother Robbie, bassist C.F. “Fred” Turner, and Chad Allan, a singer and guitarist who had also been in the Guess Who. They called themselves Brave Belt at first.

After changing their name to Bachman Turner Overdrive in 1973 and adding another Bachman brother, Tim, for a while, the Winnipeg band had two hits with “Let It Ride” and “Taking Care of Business” from their album “Bachman-Turner Overdrive II” in 1974.

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The songs “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” and “Roll On Down the Highway” came from their third album, “Not Fragile,” which came out in August 1974.

Randy Bachman left the band in 1977 to start a solo career. Two years later, BTO broke up. The group got back together in 1983, but Robbie Bachman wasn’t there. Rolling Stone says that he came back in 1988.

The band toured for many years under different names like BTO and Bachman-Turner Overdrive. In 2014, they were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

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