Tony Dungy and James Brown Speak at Anti-Gay Preacher’s Rally

Andrew Wommack, a rabidly anti-gay Christian preacher who has likened being homos*xual to murder, has organized an event at which NFL commentators Tony Dungy and James Brown have spoken for years.

In March, during an event dubbed “Men’s Advance,” the two will once again show their support for Wommack’s ministry. Wommack is hosting it at his Colorado Bible college, Charis. Among other things, the evangelist and his institution teach anti-gay and anti-trans views while professing to be following Christian teaching.

Over the course of his career, Dungy has consistently spoken out against LGBT rights. Back in 2006, when he was still the very effective head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Dungy organized a fundraising effort to fight against same-s*x marriage.

Despite supporting convicted dog killer Michael Vick and indicted alleged woman beater Ray Rice, he has spoken out against the “lifestyle” of homos*xual NBA star Jason Collins and claimed he wouldn’t want a gay player like Michael Sam on his team.

Tony Dungy and James Brown Speak at Anti-Gay Preacher's Rally
Tony Dungy and James Brown Speak at Anti-Gay Preacher’s Rally

Since 2006, Brown has been a regular on “CBS Evening News” and “60 Minutes” as a journalist and as part of CBS’s NFL coverage. Brown has not been quoted publicly by Outsports making any negative statements about the homos*xual community or expressing opposition to LGBT equality.

Brown has not explicitly backed anti-gay dogma, despite his close association with anti-gay Wommack and his Bible college. Despite repeated requests from Outsports, CBS has remained silent on the matter of James’ or the network’s comments.

Both men, who describe themselves as “best buddies,” are well-liked in the NFL and the sports media. Dungy in particular has been given a pass by his fellow football players for years due to his anti-gay sentiments because of his extensive image as a leader and success on the field. NBC continued the practice by not providing a response for this article.

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Andrew Wommack’s Anti-LGBT Rhetoric Uses Cruel Language

Some of the openly anti-LGBT statements Wommack has made in public on several occasions must be well known to these two individuals. The anti-gay sentiments of Wommack are not hidden. In 2021, he said, “we ought to put a label across their forehead: ‘This could be hazardous to your health.'” suggesting that being homos*xual is so destructive to people’s life that a warning label could be appropriate.

He also stated that being gay is more harmful to one’s body than smoking: Wommack spends the better part of an hour in one of his online lectures condemning homos*xuality and the gay “lifestyle.” “We need to come out against the behavior because society has to establish what norms are,” Wommack says in a sermon. “Homos*xuality has been accepted — they have gay prides…. Now they are lobbying for acceptance and even promoting it as an accepted and normal lifestyle, and it’s not.”

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“If you are a Christian if you claim to be a Christian, and you promote homos*xuality as an accepted lifestyle… if you believe that, you are taking a stand completely against the word of god.” He has openly drawn parallels between homos*xuality and murder. Last year Wommack said transgender people are “from the devil. … Satan is the author of it.”

Last Lines

NFL analysts Tony Dungy and James Brown have spoken at an event hosted by Andrew Wommack, a virulently anti-gay Christian evangelist who has equated being homos*xual to murder, for several years.

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