A “Beautiful Young Woman…” Was Murdered In Tuscaloosa On Strip At The Age of 23

According to her distraught mother, everyone loved the young woman fatally shot while driving along the Strip in Tuscaloosa. 23-year-old Jamea Jonae Harris died early on Sunday. DeCarlo Cotton told AL.com that the young woman was “lovely and loved her family, especially her 5-year-old son Kaine.”

With her boyfriend and her cousin, who studies at the University of Alabama, she was merely attempting to enjoy her weekend. According to Cotton’s Facebook post, “She wouldn’t talk to him, so I took my baby’s life.” Her first cousin Kennedi Henderson praised her for being “a modest person and always a joyful soul.” We grew up side by side, literally.

Henderson said, “She encouraged us to be the best and kept the cousins together. She was, quite simply, the best little cousin I could have hoped for. She remarked, “The family and I are just in such disbelief that anything like this has happened to her. “At this time, we simply request prayers.”

Darius Miles, a 21-year-old basketball player for the University of Alabama, is one of two suspects accused of killing Harris. Maryland native Michael Lynn Davis, age 20, has been named the second suspect. The Walk of Champions at Bryant Denny Stadium was the scene of a shooting at around 1:45 a.m. on Sunday, according to Tuscaloosa police and the University of Alabama police.

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When it spotted a University of Alabama Police car, a car stopped there. According to Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes, Capt. Jack Kennedy Harris was found dead inside the vehicle. According to authorities, an unknown motorist reported being hit by gunshots while driving. The driver claimed he had fired back in self-defense and might have hit a suspect.

According to the investigation findings, the shooting occurred on the 400 Block of Grace Street off University Boulevard. Kennedy claimed they had identified two individuals after speaking to numerous witnesses and watching CCTV footage. Both were found and questioned. Kennedy contended that one suspect was discovered to have sustained a non-life-threatening wound after being shot.

According to Kennedy, “it looks right now that the shooting was the result of a brief disagreement between the victims and suspects after they ran into one another down the strip.”

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