10 Minutes Gone Ending Explained: Claire Killed Joe for What Reason?

The protagonist of the 2019 action thriller “10 Minutes Gone,” Frank Sullivan, is a seasoned safe-cracker who loses ten minutes of his memory after being knocked unconscious immediately following a botched bank robbery. During those ten minutes, his brother Joe was murdered, and the heist’s proceeds were stolen.

Frank has to figure out who did it while dodging an assassin sent to kill anyone who might have information on the crime boss who masterminded the heist. The film is directed by Brian A. Miller, who is well-known for recruiting the biggest names in action cinema, and stars Michael Chiklis and Bruce Willis in dynamic performances.

If you like action movies and are still trying to make sense of what happened in “10 Minutes Gone,” don’t worry; we have you covered. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS SPOILERS!

10 Minutes Gone Ending Explained
10 Minutes Gone Ending Explained

10 Minutes Gone Ending: Who Is the Culprit?

Frank murders Baxter and Mitchell because he thinks Griffin betrayed them and took the metal case. In order to track him down, Frank looks through every possible venue in Cincinnati. Ivory catches up to Griffin at the subway station and holds Frank at gunpoint.

She calls Rex to talk about what will happen to Frank. They believe Frank’s story that Griffin betrayed them and would immediately leave if he saw Ivory. Thus, his services are required by them. Frank is given permission to pursue Griffin, with Ivory close behind.

After a wild pursuit, Frank and Griffin come face to face, with Griffin holding a gun to Frank’s head. Before Ivory can shoot him down, examine his luggage, and discover the box, Griffin admits that he was unaware of Joe’s death.

When Ivory aims her gun at Frank, Claire rushes in and kills her. Within the first twenty minutes, it was clear that Joe’s girlfriend Claire was the bad guy. Her guilt is made abundantly clear when she tells a speechless Frank all about her deeds.

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Claire Killed Joe for What Reason?

When the case was delivered, she decided it wasn’t worthwhile to negotiate a division of the $500,000. And Joe requested that money be distributed fairly to the whole group. She knew every detail of the theft as the group plotted it out at her pub.

While the rest of the team was getting ready for the big day, she devised a plan to steal the case and make the delivery herself, since she knew that the person who did so would receive the entire reward. So, on the day of the robbery, she pretends to be a bank employee and calls the police to give them a heads-up after the group has broken into the bank.

Claire is the one who knocks Frank down in the alley as he and Joe make their escape. She has threatened to murder Frank unless Joe gives her the briefcase immediately. While he complies with her request, Joe tries to reason with her but to no effect. Claire kills him as he grabs for his pistol, and then takes the case and runs.

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Frank now understands why Claire murdered the patient in the rogue doctor’s clinic at the hotel, why she continued to pursue Frank despite his repeated warnings, and why she eventually betrayed him. The moment Claire finishes telling her narrative, Ivory jumps back up and fires a shot at Claire. To hide her lack of injuries after being shot, she was presumably wearing a bulletproof vest and so curled up after the incident.


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