The Flash Season 8 Ending Explained: Does Eddie Thawne Return to the Show?

The Flash Season 8 Ending Explained: The eighth season of The Flash came to an unexpected end. Does this imply that a particular character will come back in season 9?

Barry Allen and Team Flash have had a problematic season 8 of The Flash. It began with a five-part “Armageddon” crossover in which the alien Despero believed that the Scarlet Speedster was about to bring about the world’s end, but Central City was at his mercy. He was unaware that Reverse-Flash had designed the entire scheme.

However, defeating Despero and Reverse-Flash only created a more significant threat for Team Flash. The Negative Forces emerged due to Thawne’s downfall and sought to exact revenge on Barry for wiping out the Negative Speed Force by exploiting Iris’ Time Sickness.

The Flash and the reborn Reverse-Flash, who now held all of the Negative Forces’ strength, engaged in a titanic struggle at the event’s climax. When everything was said and done, a nebulous uncertainty remained regarding the show’s future.

Does the Flash Season 8 Tease the Return of Eddie Thawne?

Barry Allen finally vanquished his archenemy in the season finale, “Negative, Part Two,” which ended the Reverse-tyranny. Flash’s The episode’s climactic scene, however, also made it plain that the Negative Forces hadn’t been defeated and that they would probably eventually select a new avatar.

Speaking of time jumps, the conclusion showed a blue crystal that started to shine in 2049 as Barry and Iris voiced over a discussion about the new avatar. Does this portend the introduction of a new Negative Speed Force-capable speedster in season 9?

Cobalt Blue, a fictional character from DC Comics who is Barry Allen’s long-lost twin brother Malcolm Thawne, is one character fans frequently link with the color blue. In the comics, Malcolm ultimately controls the Blue Flame by using a potent blue medallion because he feels bitter that his brother had a happier life than he did.

Although Malcolm doesn’t appear in The Flash, there has long been a fan idea that Eddie Thawne would return as a different Malcolm. Eddie, played by Rick Cosnett, frequently appeared in season 1. He eventually gave himself up for Iris after he realized he was an ancestor of Eobard Thawne, hoping that his passing would banish the villainous speedster from history.

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It’s possible that if he were to come back in time and get corrupted by the Negative Speed Force, he would become enraged and envious upon learning that Iris had wed Barry, essentially reliving the majority of Cobalt Blue’s comic book storyline.

The Flash Season 8 Ending Explained

With the second installment of its epic finale, Negative Part Two, The Flash wrapped up its eighth season. Iris, played by Candice Patton, was discovered alive in the last episode after dying in Negative Part One. Iris found she had the ability to escape the Time Stone while she was trapped inside of it, and she finally did.

The Flash Season 8 Ending Explained
The Flash Season 8 Ending Explained

In the meantime, Tom Cavanagh’s Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash was given excessive power as the new avatar of the Negative Forces. Grant Gustin’s The Flash and Thawne engaged in combat as chaos erupted all around them, but just as Barry thought the battle was about to end in disaster, Iris showed there and warned him otherwise.

Barry plopped himself down and began to meditate after she told him there was another way to rescue the day, which enraged Thawne. Thawne drew additional strength from the Negative Forces, but he was overpowered by them, which caused him to self-destruct and die. After that, Thawne was gone entirely from the timeline.

Despite Thawne’s repeated deaths throughout the DC series, showrunner Eric Wallace revealed in an interview with TV Line that Thawne’s passing was genuine. Not this time. No resurrections.

“When we were writing the finale for season 8, we thought that was the series finale. So we were like, ‘We’ve got to have the greatest, most epic battle ever between Grant and Tom! That’s how it has to end. And after the script was done and we were getting ready to start prep, we got the news that we would be getting a ninth season,” Wallace said.

“So we were like, ‘Oh crap, we just did the ultimate battle. How are we supposed ever to top that? Then it was like, ‘Let’s just kill him for now and worry about that later.’ Because Reverse-Flash and the Negative Reverse-Flash, just like Frost, are dead. I mean, they are dead.”

Wallace is adamant that this death is final this time, but he doesn’t completely rule out the possibility that Cavanagh will appear in The Flash.

“It is a comic book show and I’m pretty sure that in season 9, there’s some reason that you might see Tom Cavanagh again. I won’t go into it, but that’s a pretty safe bet,” he said.

A bright blue crystal in a lab in the year 2049 was seen in the final shot of the season eight finale, which ended on a terrifying cliffhanger. Some comic book fans who are familiar with the source material may understand what this implies, but others may be left to speculate about what this is and what this scenario means for the show’s future.

“The hardcore comic book fans know what’s coming. Those who don’t, I’m not spoiling it here, so it’s going to be a big surprise for them,” Wallace said. “But yes, we’re pulling directly from the comic books here, and boy it will be fun.”

Is Rick Cosnett returning as Eddie Thawne in The Flash season 9?

The likelihood that Rick Cosnett could return in season 9 of The Flash only strengthens this notion. It was revealed that he might resume his part for additional episodes in the ninth season after doing so for three episodes in season 8 (through flashbacks and a Deathstrom grief phantom).

It’s unlikely that his anticipated reappearance in season 9 would have anything to do with those since the Deathstorm arc has been concluded and the flashback episode was a one-and-done story. In light of this, may Cosnett’s portrayal of Cobalt Blue finally confirm the long-held fan theory? All we can do is wait and see.


The Time Stone saves Iris, and Damien Darhk assists her in her self-resurrection. Barry reunites her with Jay Garrick. He turns a potent strike from Thawne back into him with the help of the Forces, destroying him and erasing him from the timeline. Visit or review our recommendations for the top Netflix shows and movies.

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