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Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn: Autopsy and Crime Scene Photographs

Daniel Patry, age 17, is accused of m*rdering 12-year-old Gabriel Kuhn. The incident occurred in 2012 but reports only became

By Lakshay Malik 5 Min Read

Oscars 2023 Full Winners List: Everything Everywhere All at Once Sweeps RRR Song “Naatu Naatu”

From the RRR song 'Naatu Naatu' to Everything Everywhere All At Once, here are the winners of this year's Academy

By Lakshay Malik 7 Min Read

BMF Season 2 Episode 9: The Rise of A Criminal Empire Now On Screen!

The next ninth episode of BMF season 2 is very close. The show is based on the lives of real-life

By Lakshay Malik 4 Min Read

Tomo Chan is a Girl Episode 9: Love Triangles and Heartbreak!

It's official: Tomo-Chan is a female! Sparks flew between Tomo (Rie Takahashi) and Jun (Kenji Kamiyama) in Episode 8 of

By Lakshay Malik 9 Min Read

Safety or Risk? Lee County Schools Debates Arming Teachers!

Lee County, Florida's school board has decided to draft a policy allowing teachers and school administrators to have guns on

By Lakshay Malik 5 Min Read

Texas Brings Closure: Quadruple Murderer Put to Death

Texas executed a man convicted of drug-related murders more than three decades ago. According to the state prisons board, the

By Lakshay Malik 3 Min Read

Elon Musk’s Ambitious Plan: A New Town Rises in Texas!

Musk is said to have purchased thousands of acres of property about 35 miles outside of Austin to construct his

By Lakshay Malik 3 Min Read

Suga BTS Birthday Donation: BTS Star Donates to Aid Relief in Turkey and Syria!

Suga of BTS has donated a significant birthday to Turkey and Syria's earthquake relief operations.  The non-profit Save the Children

By Lakshay Malik 2 Min Read

Attack on Titan Final Chapters Special 2: Get Ready for the Final Showdown!

This is the last one. The previous episodes of Attack on Titan are now available. Here we are at the

By Lakshay Malik 3 Min Read

Derek Carr New Orleans Saints: He Shares Why He Felt Wanted!

Several NFL teams were interested in signing Derek Carr this offseason after the Las Vegas Raiders released him, but he

By Lakshay Malik 3 Min Read

Divorce Attorney Shin on Netflix: Musical Notes to Legal Battles!

Actor Cho Seung-woo, who played the lead prosecutor for two seasons on the smash show Stranger, will return to the

By Lakshay Malik 6 Min Read

Missing Twins in Galveston Texas: Double Tragedy Strikes

In the area of Pleasure Pier on Sunday night, two brothers, both 13 years old, vanished, according to authorities. On

By Lakshay Malik 4 Min Read